Triple H is Fully in Control

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 657. October 20, 2023. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.
All this and much more pro wrestling on this episode.

The guys discussed why Triple H is Fully in Control at the WWE, why Vince was shown the door, and the upcoming matches for Crown Jewel, including the LA Knight Roman Reigns match.

Triple H is Fully in Control

During an engaging discussion, Dave Simon and professional wrestler Johnny “Genesis” North discuss the recent changes in WWE’s power structure. The conversation reveals that Vince McMahon’s influence has significantly diminished due to Ari Emanuel’s intervention. McMahon has been removed from the creative helm, a position he has held for over 40 years.

This move has been attributed to several factors, including McMahon’s alleged involvement in scandals, unexpected stock sales leading to stock price drops, and unsatisfactory TV deals. McMahon’s son-in-law, Triple H, reportedly controls everything creative, signalling a new era for WWE.

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Triple H is Fully in Control 3
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Triple H is Fully in Control 4

The conversation doesn’t end there. The hosts discuss recent WWE storylines and matches, focusing on the participation of internet personality Logan Paul.

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After a disappointing boxing match that Dave Simon describes as a “pitiful excuse for a fight,” Logan Paul has switched to the WWE arena and challenged Rey Mysterio to a bout at Crown Jewel, now that Triple H is in full control.

Even though the hosts express doubts about the accuracy of some reported pay-per-view numbers, including personalities like Paul indicates that WWE is constantly striving to grow and attract new viewers.

Dave Simon

The anchor who masterfully steers the show, even when AJ throws a curveball. With a treasure trove of knowledge and years under his belt, Dave ensures each episode is both fluid and captivating. His MMA prediction skills are among the best.

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