Fubar 2 blu ray cover

Fubar 2: Crank Up the Outrageous Comedy in This Canadian Sequel

Fubar 2 dials up the outrageousness to eleven! Packed with beer, drugs, and wild antics, this sequel takes Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) way beyond the original’s humour.

Fubar 2 Blu Ray Cover
Fubar 2 blu ray cover

Hitting the Road After a Crazy Party

Following a wild celebration of Dean’s five-year remission from testicular cancer, the boys head north to Fort McMurray thanks to their old pal Tron (Andrew Sparacino), who hooks them up with jobs. Things get messy fast when Terry falls for the notorious Trish (Terra Hazleton) and showers her with lavish gifts. But Trish’s motives are far from pure, causing a hilarious rift between Terry and Dean.

Dean Stays True to Form, Terry Gets Duped

While Terry gets blinded by love, Dean remains his unrefined self. From crashing Terry’s place to unleashing biological warfare in his dryer, Dean’s antics are as outrageous as ever. He even gets a ridiculous “WHALE HUNTER” inscription welded onto Terry’s truck.

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A Hilarious Scheme Goes Wrong

Desperate for easy money, Dean and Tron hatch a ludicrous worker’s comp plan. However, their scheme hilariously backfires, leading to a shocking discovery about Dean’s health.

Non-Stop Laughs with Insane Adventures

Fubar 2 is a laugh riot from start to finish. From chainsawing down a burning house to stealing a hitchhiker’s weed, the boys’ insane adventures will have you rolling in the aisles. Philosophical debates about the true meaning of “cunt,” turkey hunting with a crossbow – these are just a taste of the outrageous fun that awaits.

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Fubar 2: A Must-See for Comedy Fans

If you loved Fubar, Fubar 2 is a no-brainer. It’s a strong contender for best Canadian comedy of the year and one of the most hilarious films. Expect a few tender moments, but mostly a raunchy, violent, and side-splittingly funny thrill ride.

Review co-written with Johnny North

Fubar 2

Directed by Michael Dowse

Written by Michael Dowse, Paul Spence and David Lawrence

85 minutes

Filmed in Alberta, post-production was done in Quebec

Distributed by Alliance Films