Jasmin St. Claire: What The Hell Was I Thinking?!! Confessions of the World’s Most Controversial Sex Symbol

“I had to look as excited, exotic, and eager as I could about the prospect of having 300 men penetrating and ejaculating in every available ORFICES I had to offer.”

Jasmin St. Claire was, and is still today, one of the most famous porn stars ever to grace the XXX entertainment scene—but it was just business for her and a way to block out the pain in her life. She shares it all in the raw, gritty, heart-wrenching and often shocking memoirs entitled What The Hell Was I Thinking?!! Confessions of the World’s Most Controversial Sex Symbol.

Born Rhea Calaveras, in St. Croix of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Claire came from a family of means that split apart when she was four years old. Her mother was an attorney and a 24/7 watchdog on St. Claire’s young life. Hiring a private investigator and calling potential boyfriend’s parents to keep tabs on St. Claire was merely the start of her mom attempting to control her entire life.

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To get herself out of debt and to fix her broken self-esteem, St. Claire took up dancing at clubs that eventually got her into feature films. She was frazzled in her first movie—Peter North jizzed his spermatozoa all over her face and in her hair.

St. Claire’s determination and toughness helped her handle the ‘rough nature’ of the job. St. Claire would do the outrageous scenes that most girls would not do, like anal, double penetration, gang-bang and so on. It was just business for her and a way to boost her value in the entertainment world. She marketed herself like no one had in the industry at the time.

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St. Claire constantly appeared for Howard Stern and Jerry Springer, which helped broaden her visibility. She was the highest ratings of any XXX star on Stern’s show. St. Claire does not go in-depth on every sex scene, but she shares all in her World’s Greatest Gang Bang II video, where she reveals the details of having sex with 300 men in 24 hours.

Her passion in life soon grew to professional wrestling. An appearance in Extreme Championship Wrestling gave her the chance to become a valet and a competitive wrestler. Thanks to Paul Heyman, whom she thanks at the beginning and many times in the book, St. Claire became one of the featured females on ECW TV despite Francine Fournier trying to keep the number one spot.

Following the demise of ECW, St. Claire had a small chance at World Wrestling Entertainment, but Vince McMahon Jr. did not like her porno past. St. Claire continued the spirit of ECW with her federation 3PW, having the Blue Meanie and Todd Gordon helping her as she ran it. Meanie and St. Claire tried to be a couple, but Meanie freaked out on her and head-butted her into the hospital. Their relationship was never the same after that.

The prima donnas and the backstabbing in pro wrestling eventually drove St. Claire away from her Fed and pushed her toward becoming an interviewer and model for heavy metal publications. She interviewed and hung out with Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Motorhead, Opeth, and Cradle of Filth, to name a few. A few years ago, she married Matt Wicklund from Himsa. Wicklund was another drunken control freak who destroyed her credit and caused her to hang herself nearly.

This book is an amazing retelling of an extraordinary life and showcases the courage St. Claire has shown throughout her life. It is highly recommended for wrestling fans, metalheads, and fans of her movies. Do not expect to get Mick Foley or Chris Jericho’s quality of writing, but it could easily be the most emotional autobiography you ever read. St. Claire bares her soul and is “emotionally flat-lined” when she delivers a tearful goodbye to her lovers and haters.

The interviews provided by porn star Ron Jeremy, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, her former manager Charlie Fry, and others help give a better idea of the type of person St. Claire is. She always disagrees with them, and St. Claire, throughout the book, is not afraid to say how she feels about someone. An example of this is when she thinks ECW’s Francine was on top because she was “fucking” Tommy Dreamer even though she looks “like the donkey from Shrek.”

Her rivalry with Jenna Jameson, doing blow with O.J. Simpson, telling WWE announcer Matt Striker that he is a “greedy son-of-a-bitch”, clearing up the rumours on who she slept with and didn’t, St. Claire reveals a lot of juicy and surprising tidbits. She admits a lot of people might not be happy with what she reveals and that she might come off as a hypocrite, “but they can go fuck themselves.”

What The Hell Was I Thinking?!! Confessions of the World’s Most Controversial Sex Symbol

by Jasmin St. Claire & Jake Brown

BearManor Media

October 31, 2010

368 pp.