Cody Rhodes is getting talked to by The Rock at Wrestlemania 40 kickoff

Controversial & Major Change for The Rock at Wrestlemania 40

In this week's Wrestling Uncensored episode, Dave and Ben discuss Cody Rhodes' choice of opponent for Wrestlemania (Roman Reigns), The Rock's major change for The Rock at Wrestlemania 40, and WWE's upcoming Elimination Chamber. They also talk about Bayley's match at Wrestlemania, Sting's return, and Darby Allin's AEW tag team title win.
Wrestling Uncensored Episode 672. Hosted by Dave Simon and Ben Simon, the Major Change for The Rock at Wrestlemania 40 episode.

In this week’s Wrestling Uncensored episode, Dave and Ben discuss Cody Rhodes’ choice of opponent for Wrestlemania (Roman Reigns), The Rock’s major change for The Rock at Wrestlemania 40, and WWE’s upcoming Elimination Chamber. They also talk about Bayley’s match at Wrestlemania, Sting’s return, and Darby Allin’s AEW tag team title win.

Dave Simon shared his thoughts on the upcoming WrestleMania, expressing his frustration with the predictability of certain match outcomes. He highlighted the women’s chamber match, where Becky Lynch’s victory seems almost guaranteed due to her previous confrontations with Rhea Ripley, making other qualifying matches feel redundant.

Elimination Chamber 2024 Poster
Elimination Chamber 2024 Poster

Elimination Chamber Predictions

Discussing the men’s Elimination Chamber, Dave anticipated Drew McIntyre’s victory, leading to a WrestleMania match against Seth Rollins. However, he expressed a desire for surprises, mentioning potential participants like Randy Orton, Logan Paul, Kevin Owens, and L.A. Knight, which could make the outcome less predictable.

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The Rock tells Roman Reigns that there is only one WWE Royal Family

The Rock at WrestleMania and Other Potential Match-Ups and Surprises

Ben and Dave Simon speculated on various WrestleMania scenarios, including Randy Orton possibly facing John Cena in a retirement match, which they thought would be a fitting tribute to their careers. They also discussed the potential for L.A. Knight to challenge Seth Rollins for the championship, suggesting that fresh matchups could invigorate the event.

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes: The WrestleMania XL Showdown

The Rock Slaps Cody Rhodes

Dave Simon opened the discussion by spotlighting the highly anticipated match between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, not necessarily The Rock at WrestleMania XL. Speculating on the strategies and potential outcomes, Dave suggested that Cody’s path to victory might involve grappling with countering Reigns’ power-based approach. Ben added that the match holds significant implications for both wrestlers’ careers, with Cody looking to solidify his status at the top and Reigns aiming to continue his dominant reign.

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The Role of The Rock in WrestleMania XL

The conversation shifted to The Rock’s potential involvement in WrestleMania XL. Dave expressed excitement about the electrifying atmosphere The Rock could bring, while Ben pondered how The Rock at Wrestlemania might impact the dynamics between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. The brothers agreed that The Rock’s participation, whether in a match or another capacity, would add an extra layer of star power to the event.

The Impact of Cody Rhodes’ Choices

The discussion highlighted Cody Rhodes’ strategic decisions within WWE storylines, particularly his potential confrontation with Roman Reigns. Dave and Ben pondered the implications of Rhodes aiming to dethrone Reigns, speculating on the narrative possibilities and the long-term effects on both wrestlers’ careers.

Fan Engagement and Storyline Development

The Simon brothers touched on the critical role of fan engagement in shaping WWE storylines. They discussed how audience reactions might influence the direction of key narratives, especially concerning top-tier talents like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. The potential for fan favourites to sway storyline outcomes was interesting.

Fan Reactions and WWE’s Direction

Reflecting on the WWE universe’s response to recent developments, Dave and Ben discussed how fan sentiment appears to be shaping WWE’s booking decisions leading up to WrestleMania XL. They highlighted the mixed reactions to the reshuffling of matches and debated how these changes might affect viewer engagement and storyline coherence.

Dave and Johnny Discuss the Rise of Bayley to the Top of the Women’s Division

Future Storylines Post The Rock at Wrestlemania XL

The Simon brothers delved into the long-term implications of WrestleMania XL outcomes, contemplating how they might influence future WWE storylines. They discussed potential rivalries and alliances that could emerge, emphasizing the importance of compelling narratives to maintain fan interest.

Other Potential WrestleMania XL Matches

Beyond the headline bouts, Dave and Ben speculated on other matches that might fill the WrestleMania XL card. They discussed various wrestlers’ current storylines and potential matchups, offering predictions and expressing their wishes for undercard matches that could surprise and delight fans.

Sami Zayn’s Potential Heel Turn

The Simons pondered Sami Zayn’s future, noting his recent promos hinting at a descent into madness and a possible heel turn. Given the current balance of babyfaces and heels in WWE, they speculated that this character development could lead to intriguing storylines.

The Rock Lifting Roman Reigns' Right Arm In Victory Prior To His Announcement Of The Match With The Rock V. Roman Reigns At Wrestlemania Xl
The Rock v. Roman Reigns At WrestleMania XL

Roman Reigns’ Dominance and Future Challenges

Dave and Ben Simon delved into the significance of Roman Reigns’ storyline, which they consider the backbone of WWE’s current narrative arc. They expressed concerns about the direction of Reigns’ character, emphasizing the importance of a satisfying culmination to his long title reign. The potential matchup with Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania was discussed, with speculation on how it might conclude Reigns’ dominant storyline.

These discussions reflect the Simons’ deep engagement with WWE storylines and their hopes for unexpected developments that could enhance the WrestleMania experience for fans.

WWE’s Creative Direction and Matchmaking

Dave and Ben expressed concerns about WWE’s current creative direction, particularly the recycling of matchups and the need for fresh, compelling storylines. They debated the merits of various potential matchups at WrestleMania, weighing fan interest against the need for narrative innovation.

Speculations on WrestleMania and Beyond

The conversation included speculation on various storylines and matchups leading up to WrestleMania. The brothers analyzed potential feuds, surprise elements, and the long-term storytelling implications for WWE’s roster. They emphasized the importance of meaningful story arcs and character development in maintaining audience interest and the integrity of WWE’s narrative universe.