Hell in a Cell 2022 Preview

Hell In A Cell 2022 Preview
Hell in a Cell 2022 Preview

Wrestling Uncensored’s Hell in a Cell 2022 Preview Episode 587. June 3, 2022. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North. 

In this Hell in a Cell 2022 Preview, which includes Cody Rhodes v. Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair defending the Raw title against Becky Lynch and Asuka in a triple threat match, Dave and Johnny gave their opinions.
Dave and Johnny discussed MJF’s promo on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk leaving AEW to undergo surgery, and the latest WWE Raw and Smackdown episodes.

Hell in a Cell 2022 Post Show

Hell in a Cell 2022: Post-Show Fury Unleashed

In a world where sanity prevails, WWE’s ‘Hell in a Cell 2022: Post-Show Fury Unleashed’ is a glorious exception. The event’s aftermath was a spectacle of raw emotion and physical prowess that kept the WWE faithful glued to their seats.

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Fans dissected every moment, from Cody Rhodes’ heroic victory despite his injury to Bianca Belair’s successful title defence. Kevin Owens’ win was a testament to his skill, while Johnny’s unusual absence left a void in the collective heart of the audience.

The late-night showcase wasn’t just about the matches; it was a cultural phenomenon that had fans buzzing with theories and awe long after the final bell rang.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cody Rhodes’ victorious performance despite his torn pec showcased his remarkable resilience and dedication to the sport.
  • Bianca Belair’s successful championship defence solidified her position at the top of women’s wrestling, highlighting her athleticism and strategic prowess.
  • Kevin Owens’ triumph over Ezekiel demonstrated his resilience and determination, proving his prowess inside the ring.
  • Johnny’s notable absence served as a reminder that wrestlers have real-life responsibilities and the show must go on, sparking speculations and adding an air of mystery to the event.

Cody Rhodes’ Gritty Victory

Cody Rhodes’ triumph over Seth Rollins in the Hell in a Cell match, despite a torn pec, showcased his remarkable resilience and dedication to the sport. Wrestling with such a significant injury, Cody’s victory became a testament to his unyielding spirit.

The Ringside Report Universe was on the edge of their seats, not only absorbed by the high stakes of the match but also concerned about Cody Rhodes’ injury. Meanwhile, whispers about Johnny’s whereabouts circulated. Viewers were accustomed to Johnny’s presence and his absence was palpable. Questions arose, yet it was understood that Johnny’s shoot job had called him away. Everyone needs to pay the bills, after all.

Still, Cody’s harrowing performance was the beacon of the night, casting a shadow over the mystery of Johnny’s absence.

Bianca Belair’s Championship Defense

Bianca Belair successfully defended her Raw Championship, proving once again why she’s at the pinnacle of women’s wrestling. Her dominant performance at Hell in a Cell left fans in awe and furthered the Raw Championship storyline with fierce intensity. Each move Belair executed showcased her athleticism and strategic prowess in the ring. She didn’t just win; she dominated, leaving no doubt about her right to hold the title.

The crowd witnessed not just a match, but a statement. Bianca Belair didn’t just secure a victory; she sent a message to the entire women’s division. Her championship defence wasn’t merely a win but a declaration of her ongoing reign at the top of WWE’s women’s wrestling hierarchy.

Kevin Owens’ Triumph

Amidst the chaos of the night, Kevin Owens secured a decisive victory over Ezekiel, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the WWE. His win was a testament to Kevin Owens’ resilience, showcasing the grit and determination that have become his trademarks.

Just as Bianca Belair’s dominance was on full display during her championship defence, Owens’ performance left no doubt about his prowess inside the ring. He battled with tenacity, turning the tide of the match with a combination of savvy moves and sheer willpower.

Fans roared in approval as Owens’ hand was raised, marking another impressive chapter in his already storied career. His triumph wasn’t just a win over an opponent, but a statement to the entire WWE universe.

Johnny Genesis North
Wrestling Uncensored co-host Johnny Genesis North

Johnny North’s Notable Absence

While fans celebrated Kevin Owens’ victory, many couldn’t help but notice Johnny’s unexplained absence from the event. Speculations about Johnny’s whereabouts began to swirl on social media, with some suggesting he might’ve encountered an unexpected dilemma.

Despite the rumours, the truth was far less dramatic. Johnny couldn’t make it to Hell in a Cell due to his shoot job commitments. It’s a reminder that even in the enthralling world of wrestling, the wrestlers have bills to pay and real-life responsibilities to juggle.

While his presence was missed, Johnny’s well-being wasn’t a concern; he was alright. The show, packed with high-stakes matches and intense drama, marched on, even in the wake of Johnny’s notable absence.

The Late-Night Spectacle

Someone might’ve thought the late hour would dampen spirits, but WWE’s Hell in a Cell was a late-night spectacle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The event, starting just past 11 PM Eastern Time, delivered hours of late-night excitement, with a cell structure setting the stage for high-stakes drama.

Cody Rhodes At Hell In A Cell 2022
Hell in a Cell 2022 Preview 4

Despite a torn pec, unexpected twists came as Cody Rhodes triumphed over Seth Rollins, and Bianca Belair successfully defended her title.

Meanwhile, the mystery of Johnny’s absence buzzed among the crowd, his commentary missed but his reasons understood—bills must be paid.

Kevin Owens’ victory over Ezekiel added to the night’s thrills, ensuring the event lived up to its reputation and left fans buzzing long into the night.

Commentary and Fan Reactions

Many fans expressed their disappointment at Johnny’s absence, noting that his unique commentary was sorely missed during the Hell in a Cell event. The void left by Johnny’s commentary was palpable, as social media buzzed with fan reactions. Viewers frequently inquired about his whereabouts, with many emphasizing how much they value his insights.

Despite Johnny’s no-show due to his shoot job commitments—because everyone needs to pay their bills—the event unfolded smoothly, with the wrestlers delivering a spectacle that kept the audience engaged.

Nonetheless, the consensus among fans was clear: Johnny’s distinctive voice adds a layer of excitement that complements the high-octane action, and his absence was a noticeable gap in the night’s entertainment.

Behind-the-Scenes Moments

Although the Ringside Report Universe missed Johnny’s commentary at Hell in a Cell backstage, the wrestlers were dealing with their own intense emotions and preparations. Behind-the-scenes secrets reveal performers’ immense pressure, from executing dangerous stunts to coping with real injuries, like Cody Rhodes’ torn pec. Wrestlers like Bianca Belair and Kevin Owens not only had to stay in character but also overcome unexpected challenges that arose during the event.

The absence of Johnny left a noticeable void, yet the show’s professionals, Dave and Ben, carried on, ensuring the event ran smoothly. These moments capture the grit and resilience of the WWE stars who, despite the glitz of the ring, often face a harsher reality as they step out of the cell and away from the roaring crowds.

The Essence of Evil

The atmosphere within the WWE Hell in a Cell event took a sinister turn as the concept of evil became more than just a storyline element for the performers and fans alike. Exploring darkness, the superstars embodied the very essence of malevolence, with each punishing blow and ruthless tactic.

The steel structure itself served as a grim backdrop for unmasking the malevolence within, as competitors pushed the boundaries of sports entertainment into a realm of moral ambiguity.

As the event unfolded, it wasn’t just about winning a match; it was about surviving an ordeal that tested the limits of each wrestler’s character. The audience was left questioning the nature of evil, as they witnessed the physical embodiment of it in every takedown, sneer, and scream that echoed within the cell.


As the dust settled on Hell in a Cell, Cody Rhodes emerged as a gladiator, his torn pec a testament to his iron will.

Bianca Belair’s star shone undimmed, her title defence a dance of dominance.

Kevin Owens’ victory march echoed through the arena, while Johnny’s empty seat whispered tales of the world beyond the ring.

Fans departed, the night’s echoes in their hearts, the event a tapestry woven with the threads of spectacle and raw emotion.

Dave Simon

The anchor who masterfully steers the show, even when AJ throws a curveball. With a treasure trove of knowledge and years under his belt, Dave ensures each episode is both fluid and captivating. His MMA prediction skills are among the best.

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