Cover of Buried: Paul Conroy's Grueling Fight for Survival in a Coffin DVD

Buried: Paul Conroy’s Grueling Fight for Survival in a Coffin

Imagine waking up trapped underground with only a lighter and a dying phone – the terrifying situation Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) finds himself in in the thriller Buried. A truck driver working in Iraq, Paul, is kidnapped and buried alive with a limited oxygen supply.

Cover Of Buried: Paul Conroy'S Grueling Fight For Survival In A Coffin Dvd
Cover of Buried: Paul Conroy’s Grueling Fight for Survival in a Coffin DVD

Desperate Calls for Help

Panicked and confused, Paul uses his lighter to see his surroundings and discovers a cell phone. He frantically calls for help, reaching answering machines, disbelieving 911 operators, and eventually the FBI. A glimmer of hope emerges when he finds a flashlight and glow sticks, but the race against time intensifies as his air dwindles.

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A Ransom Video and Dwindling Hope

The kidnappers contact Paul, demanding a hefty ransom for his release. As Paul scrambles to fulfill their demands, the situation turns dark. He’s forced to record a desperate ransom video, which throws a wrench into the FBI’s investigation. To make matters worse, Paul encounters a terrifying surprise within the coffin and receives devastating news regarding his employment.

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Will Paul Escape His Living Nightmare?

Buried is a harrowing cinematic experience with you on the edge of your seat. With limited resources and dwindling hope, Paul must use his ingenuity and fight for survival. Can he overcome the odds and escape his underground prison? Watch Buried to find out!

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