Angelina Jolie kicks ass in Salt

\"\"Salt is a kick-ass action thriller with a believable story, intense action and super-human fight scenes. Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy. The timing of the release of this movie was perfect following the arrest of several real-life Russian spies who were posing as American citizens to gain information for the Russian government. The real life spy story could help you view this movie on a different level than your average action flick.

As believable as the story was, the action was just the opposite. Which was a good thing, action stars  should be able to do things in movies that no human can possibly perform. Salt delivers in the action department. There is a fantastic chase scene where Salt jumps off a bridge and lands on the top of a truck. She then realizes that her truck will be stopped so she jumps on the top of another fast moving truck. The speed, intensity and impossibility of the action sequences made the movie really fun to watch.

The fight scenes were just as unreal, Evelyn Salt actually appeared to suspend in mid-air and fly out of a doorway to kick an unsuspecting security guard at one point. She was able to beat up a lot of people with her bare hands but was not averse to using weapons. To escape the back of a police car, Salt tasers the driver of the car to control his driving and escape police custody.Salt should win an award for most creative use of a taser if nothing else.

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Evelyn Salt is a master escapist, fighter, weapons expert, gymnast and pretty much a super-hero.The story remains compelling throughout the film and you don\’t get the whole picture until the very end. You may have to suspend disbelief when you watch Salt but you will have a good time at the theater. Angelina Jolie is convincing in her role and Liev Schreiber is a strong male lead. I liked Salt and could see Jolie turning these films into a successful series like Die Hard or the Bourne movies. More Salt please!