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Fans worldwide (literally) joined Wrestling Uncensored 400 Live at TSN 690

Celebrating Wrestling Uncensored 400: A Night to Remember

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Welcome to the 400th episode of Wrestling Uncensored! This milestone marks an incredible journey, and we’re thrilled to share it with all of you, our loyal fans and listeners. Recorded live at TSN 690 in Montreal, Quebec, on August 4, 2018, this episode was a special one, filled with laughter, memories, and engaging discussions.

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Wrestling Uncensored 400 Key Takeaways

  1. Community and Support: Our dedicated listeners and fans are the heart of Wrestling Uncensored. Your support keeps us going.
  2. Dedication and Passion: Watching every episode of WWE, taking detailed notes, and providing in-depth analysis is a labour of love.
  3. Future of Wrestling: The wrestling landscape is evolving with the rise of promotions like New Japan, offering exciting alternatives to WWE.

A Packed House of Loyal Fans for Wrestling Uncensored 400

The studio was excited as our dedicated listeners joined us worldwide. Among the crowd were longtime fans and channel members like Wally Byrne from Ireland, Antoinette Log from Toronto, and Rob from Quebec City. It was heartwarming to see so many familiar faces and feel the love and support from our community.

The energy was palpable as we kicked off the Wrestling Uncensored 400 show. Dave Simon, Johnny North, and AJ from Ringside Reporter MMA were all in the house, ready to celebrate this significant milestone. The room was packed, and the atmosphere was electric as we popped champagne to commemorate the occasion.

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Reflecting on the Wrestling Uncensored Journey

Dave Simon And Johnny North Are The Hosts Of Wrestling Uncensored
Dave Simon and Johnny North are the hosts of Wrestling Uncensored

As we looked back on our journey, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Johnny North and Dave Simon shared heartfelt moments, reminiscing how Wrestling Uncensored grew into a vibrant community.

Reflecting on the evolution of Wrestling Uncensored, Dave remarked, “It’s been an incredible ride. We started on the radio, and now we’re here with a loyal fan base.” Johnny reminisced about the early days on TSN 690 radio, noting the challenges of adapting to new media. “The move to YouTube allowed for more freedom and direct interaction with the audience,” he said.

Our recent shows have highlighted how much we value our fans’ feedback. “We’ve always valued our audience’s input,” Dave noted. “It keeps us grounded and helps us improve.” This commitment to engaging with our audience is evident in our post-show live sessions after every major Pro Wrestling Pay-Per-View, where we offer interactive participation via chat and occasional call-ins.

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Listener Interaction and Appreciation

One of the night’s highlights was interacting with our Wrestling Uncensored Ringside Report Universe fans. We received a call from Peter, a longtime listener, who congratulated us on our 400th episode. His kind words and support reminded us why we do what we do. We also gave a shoutout to our visually impaired listeners and those who tune in from less-than-ideal circumstances, reminding us of the diverse audience we reach.

Dave and Johnny deeply appreciated the fans who have been with them. “Our fans have been with us from the beginning, and their support means everything to us,” said Dave. Johnny added, “We’ve built a community. Fans like Angelo, Ryan Katz, and Andy from England have been with us for nearly 20 years. It’s incredible.”

Special Guests and Memorable Moments

The episode featured special guest appearances, including a call from the Green Phantom. His insights into New Japan Pro Wrestling added depth to our discussions. We talked about the rise of New Japan and its potential to become the new WCW, highlighting the shift in the wrestling landscape.

Our conversations covered various topics, from WWE’s creative struggles to the growing appeal of alternative promotions like New Japan, Lucha Underground, and Impact Wrestling. The passion for wrestling was evident as we debated the industry’s future and the exciting possibilities.

The Rock And Roman Reigns Will Faceoff Against Cody Rhodes At Wrestlemania 40 Seen Here With Paul Heyman.
The Rock and Roman Reigns, seen here with Paul Heyman and Cody Rhodes

The Roman Reigns Debate

No episode of Wrestling Uncensored would be complete without a spirited discussion about Roman Reigns. Antoinette, a devoted Reigns fan, tried to convince us of his merits, sparking a lively debate about WWE’s booking decisions and the polarizing figure Roman Reigns. We explored the potential of a heel turn and the impact of pairing him with Paul Heyman, acknowledging the complex dynamics at play.

Looking Ahead Beyond Wrestling Uncensored 400 and now Beyond 686

As we wrapped up the episode, we couldn’t help but express our excitement for the future. The wrestling business is healthier than ever, with numerous promotions offering diverse and engaging content. We discussed the potential of New Japan’s expansion into North America and the opportunities for wrestlers outside of WWE to thrive creatively and financially.


Thank you for being part of the Wrestling Uncensored journey. Your loyalty and enthusiasm inspire us to keep delivering the best wrestling content. Here’s to celebrating many more milestones together. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes, engaging discussions, and unforgettable moments.

Catch the full episode on YouTube and join the celebration. Let’s keep the wrestling conversation going!

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