UFC Light Heavy Weight Championship Insider Analysis

UFC Light Heavy Weight Championship Insider Analysis

Ringside Report September 28, 2023. Hosted by Dave Simon, Fred Garcia and AJ D’Alesio.

Dave, Fred and AJ discussed Francis Ngannou v. Tyson Fury on October 28 and Ngannou’s chances in the boxing match.

The guys talked about Jiri Prochazka v. Alex Pereira for the UFC LHW title at UFC 295, Tony Ferguson v. Paddy Pimblett being made for UFC 296 and Israel Adesanya getting arrested.

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n the world of mixed martial arts, adaptability can be as crucial as physical prowess. The recent UFC Nashville event exemplified this when Cory Sandhagen exhibited a commanding performance against Rob Font. Despite initial plans pitting Sandhagen against Umar Nurmagomedov, an injury led to a catchweight bout against Font.

Sandhagen, with a meticulous approach and strategic execution, dominated the contest, showcasing his versatility and reaffirming his status in the bantamweight echelon. This encounter headlined a night of fights that, despite several card changes, provided fans with a showcase of technical mastery and raw determination.

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Sandhagen’s victory, a testament to his skill and preparation, stood out as a highlight of the evening, solidifying the event as a memorable chapter in UFC’s chronicles.

Key Takeaways UFC Light Heavy Weight Championship Insider Analysis

  • Cory Sandhagen defeated Rob Font by unanimous decision in the main event.
  • Tatiana Suarez secured a guillotine choke submission victory over Jéssica Andrade.
  • Dustin Jacoby earned a TKO victory over Kennedy Nzechukwu.
  • The bonus awards of $50,000 were given to Tatiana Suarez, Dustin Jacoby, Diego Lopes, Carlston Harris, and Assu Almabayev.

Fight Card Changes

The UFC Nashville event underwent significant alterations, including the shift from a bantamweight headliner featuring Cory Sandhagen against Umar Nurmagomedov to a catchweight bout with Rob Font stepping in due to Nurmagomedov’s shoulder injury.

This matchup adjustment was a pivotal change for the card, underscoring the unpredictable nature of the sport where athlete health can rapidly reshape event lineups.

Additionally, the women’s strawweight bout saw a replacement when Virna Jandiroba withdrew due to a knee injury, prompting Jéssica Andrade to step in against Tatiana Suarez.

In the flyweight division, Tagir Ulanbekov’s departure led to Cody Durden facing Jake Hadley.

These changes exemplify the fluidity required in fight promotion and the adaptability of fighters in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Main Event Breakdown

Dominating from the outset, Cory Sandhagen showcased his superior striking and agility to secure a unanimous decision victory over Rob Font in the catchweight main event of UFC Nashville. Sandhagen’s performance was a testament to his precision and versatility inside the octagon. Utilizing a diverse array of strikes, he managed to keep Font at bay throughout the bout. His footwork and speed allowed him to control the range and tempo, effectively outmaneuvering Font.

The judges’ scores reflected Sandhagen’s dominance in the fight, marking a significant win for him in the UFC bantamweight division. This victory propels Sandhagen further up the rankings, positioning him for potential title contention. It was a masterclass in technical fighting, underlining Sandhagen’s status as one of the elite fighters in his weight class.

Co-Main Event Spotlight

In a stunning display of grappling prowess, Tatiana Suarez secured a victory over Jéssica Andrade with a guillotine choke submission in the co-main event of UFC Nashville. This bout marked a significant return for Suarez, who showcased her exceptional ground game, reaffirming her status as a formidable contender in the women’s strawweight division.

The match was a replacement after the original opponent, Virna Jandiroba, withdrew due to injury, yet the stakes remained high. Suarez’s technical acumen was evident as she maneuvered into position and locked in the choke, forcing Andrade, a former champion, to tap out.

The impressive finish earned Suarez a well-deserved Performance of the Night bonus, highlighting her dominant return to the Octagon.

Featured Knockout

Dustin Jacoby’s technical knockout of Kennedy Nzechukwu stood out as the featured knockout at UFC Nashville, exemplifying the striking force and precision that can swiftly end a bout.

The encounter showcased Jacoby’s striking prowess as he delivered a series of unrelenting blows, overwhelming Nzechukwu and compelling the referee to step in and halt the contest.

Jacoby’s performance was a testament to his refined technique and power, earning him a well-deserved victory and a $50,000 bonus for his spectacular finish.

This definitive win highlighted the event and bolstered Jacoby’s standing in the light heavyweight division, leaving fans and contenders alike on notice of his knockout capabilities inside the Octagon.

Submission Highlights

The UFC Nashville event was punctuated by a series of compelling submissions, with Tatiana Suarez securing a standout guillotine choke victory over Jéssica Andrade. Suarez’s technical prowess on the ground was on full display as she skillfully maneuvered to lock in the choke, forcing Andrade to tap out. This victory marked a significant return for Suarez, who showcased her elite grappling abilities.

Other submission highlights included Diego Lopes’ impressive armbar finish against Gavin Tucker, which was a testament to his submission acumen. Additionally, Assu Almabayev’s rear-naked choke victory over Ode Osbourne further emphasized the high level of ground game present at the event.

These finishes contributed to an exciting night of fights, with athletes demonstrating the effectiveness of submission techniques in mixed martial arts competitions.

Unanimous Decisions

Displaying tactical superiority throughout the contest, Cory Sandhagen earned a convincing victory over Rob Font by unanimous decision at UFC Nashville. This impressive performance underscored Sandhagen’s ascendancy in the bantamweight ranks, leveraging his striking accuracy and agility to outmaneuver Font. The judges’ scorecards reflected Sandhagen’s dominance, marking a clear-cut triumph without any dissent.

Unanimous decisions were a recurring theme at the event, with a series of bouts concluding with all judges in full agreement. Tanner Boser, Ľudovít Klein, Kyler Phillips, Billy Quarantillo, and Cody Durden all joined Sandhagen in the ranks of fighters who secured their wins without leaving any room for controversy, showcasing their respective skills and game plans effectively enough to sweep the scorecards.

Preliminary Card Recap

Consistently delivering excitement, the UFC Nashville preliminary card featured a series of tightly contested matches with athletes such as Kyler Phillips and Carlston Harris securing notable victories.

In an impressive display of skill and endurance, Phillips emerged victorious against Raoni Barcelos by unanimous decision, showcasing his tactical prowess throughout the match.

Meanwhile, Harris achieved a technical submission win over Jeremiah Wells, demonstrating his grappling expertise and earning one of the coveted $50,000 bonuses for his performance.

Other fighters who shined during the prelims included Billy Quarantillo, who outmaneuvered Damon Jackson to claim a unanimous decision win. Cody Durden and Sean Woodson also earned their stripes with unanimous decision victories over their respective opponents, ensuring an action-packed lead-up to the main card events.

Performance Bonuses

Reflecting the intensity and skill exhibited during UFC Nashville, performance bonuses were awarded to five fighters, each receiving an extra $50,000 for their standout performances.

The recipients included Tatiana Suarez, who secured a victory via a guillotine choke submission against Jéssica Andrade, showcasing her grappling excellence.

Dustin Jacoby earned his bonus with a commanding TKO win over Kennedy Nzechukwu, asserting his striking prowess in the light heavyweight division.

Diego Lopes’s submission win by armbar against Gavin Tucker marked a remarkable UFC debut, earning him a performance bonus.

Welterweight Carlston Harris was recognized for his technical submission win over Jeremiah Wells.

The final bonus went to Assu Almabayev for his rear-naked choke submission victory, demonstrating his superior ground game.

No Fight of the Night bonus was given, signifying that individual performances took precedence at the event.

UFC Nashville Facts

Several athletes distinguished themselves at UFC Nashville, not only through their victories but also by earning prestigious performance bonuses for their exceptional in-ring achievements.

The event marked the UFC’s sixth visit to Nashville, the first since March 2019. Originally slated to feature a bantamweight bout between Cory Sandhagen and Umar Nurmagomedov, the card changed due to injuries. Nurmagomedov’s withdrawal led to Rob Font stepping in for a catchweight bout that saw Sandhagen secure a unanimous decision victory.

Injuries also reshuffled other matchups, including Tatiana Suarez’s submission win over Jéssica Andrade, stepping in for the injured Virna Jandiroba.

The evening’s accolades were capped off with $50,000 bonuses for five standout fighters, highlighting their remarkable performances at the event.

References and Sources

Documenting the outcomes and developments of UFC Nashville, a comprehensive list of references and sources is provided to ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information reported.

The primary source of information is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) official website, which offers detailed accounts of fight results, fighter profiles, and event summaries.

Additionally, live coverage and post-event analysis from reputable sports journalism outlets like ESPN and MMA Fighting contribute to a well-rounded depiction of the event.

Fighter interviews, press conferences, and social media updates were also considered to capture firsthand accounts and reactions.

These diverse sources collectively offer a multifaceted perspective of UFC Nashville, from statistical data to personal narratives, facilitating an authoritative report on Sandhagen’s dominant performance over Font.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Has Cory Sandhagen’s Fighting Style Evolved Since His Last Fight Before Facing Rob Font?

Cory Sandhagen’s fighting style has shown increased adaptability and precision, with a focus on dynamic striking and improved footwork, enhancing his performance since his previous bout before competing against Rob Font.

What Specific Training Regimens Did Rob Font Undertake to Prepare for a Higher-Ranked Opponent Like Cory Sandhagen on Short Notice?

Rob Font intensified his cardiovascular and striking drills, focusing on agility and endurance to face the higher-ranked Cory Sandhagen despite the limited preparation time due to the sudden change in opponent.

What Community Engagement or Fan Interaction Events Were Put on by the UFC or the Fighters During the Week Leading up to UFC Nashville?

The UFC organized various community engagement activities and fan interaction events during the week leading up to UFC Nashville, fostering excitement and offering attendees unique experiences with fighters and the brand.

How Did the Local Nashville Economy Benefit From Hosting the UFC Event?

The Nashville economy likely experienced a boost from increased patronage at local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, due to the influx of visitors for the UFC event.

What Are the Long-Term Career Implications for Tatiana Suarez Following Her Victory Over Jéssica Andrade?

Tatiana Suarez’s victory over Jéssica Andrade significantly bolsters her career trajectory, potentially positioning her for title contention within the women’s strawweight division and elevating her standing in the UFC rankings.


In conclusion, UFC Nashville culminated in a display of martial prowess, with Sandhagen’s victory over Font serving as the cherry on top.

Despite the reshuffling of the card, athletes rose to the occasion, showcasing their adaptability and skill.

While no Fight of the Night honors were granted, performance bonuses reflected the night’s exceptional displays.

This event not only bolstered the athletes’ standings but also enriched the storied tapestry of UFC history.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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