Finally! The Rock has Come Back

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 652. the top story is The Rock Has Come Back  September 15, 2023. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

The Rock Has Come Back
Finally! The Rock has Come Back 2

Is the Rock Really Related to Roman Reigns?

Dave Simon digs deep into the family tree in this week’s episode 653 of Wrestling Uncensored. Dave Simon and Johnny North on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Family Ties: Dave clarified that The Rock is not blood-related to the prominent Samoan wrestling family. Johnny believed there was a connection by marriage, but Dave refuted this, stating that after examining the family tree, they are separate entities

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The Rock’s Lineage

.Dave explained that Peter Maivia (The High Chief) had a daughter named Atta, who married Rocky Johnson. Their son is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock’s lineage is separate from the larger Samoan wrestling family, which includes the likes of Yokozuna and Roman Reigns.

The Extensive Samoan Wrestling Family

Dave detailed the vastness of the Samoan wrestling family, mentioning names like Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, Rikishi, and the USOs. He emphasized that while many associate The Rock with this family due to wrestling connections, he is not blood-related. The High Chief, Peter Maivia, was a significant figure in Samoan wrestling and acted as a godfather to many Samoan wrestlers, which is why they are closely knit

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Potential Matchup: The Rock vs. Roman Reigns

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns: Dave speculated on a potential match between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 to determine the top Samoan wrestler.

Given Roman’s current prominence in WWE, he believed that The Rock should lose to Roman Reigns. Johnny North on Past Matches: Johnny recalled a rare match he watched between Yokozuna and Rikishi (then known as Fatu) that took place in the U.K. He noted Yokozuna’s physical limitations during the match due to his weight.

Legacy of the Samoan Wrestling Family

Dave praised the Samoan wrestling family for not only producing a large number of wrestlers but also exceptionally talented ones. He highlighted the versatility of Rikishi, who portrayed various characters throughout his WWE career. Dave marvelled at the family’s achievement of having multiple WWE champions within their ranks.

Now that The Rock has Come Back, What NexT?

Every Pro Wrestling fan, Dave and Johnny included, are thrilled that the Rock has come back. The question remains: what, if any, are the plans for him? Will he be at Wrestlemania ? Who would he face? Follow us here on and tune in to Wrestling Uncensored, Fridays after WWE Smackdown on YouTube, Rumble, Twitter and Twitch.