MMA Mastery: Flow Chain Drilling and Integrated O/D Training guide review

The evolution of mixed martial arts has generated new athletes that must strike well, shoot well, submit well and truly apply the \’mixed\’ in MMA in order succeed at a high MMA level.

Mark Hatmaker, bestselling author, coach for amateur fighters and security personnel, introduces how to integrate the best parts of combat arts in the first of three guides, Flow Chain Drilling and Integrated O/D Training. Hatmaker starts off the MMA Mastery series by presenting a drilling system that is designed to help fighters eliminate the distinctions between the different combat styles in order to switch disciplines naturally.

With Down and Out Drills, Hatmaker creates chain drills that will help link key aspects of a fight into a cohesive fight strategy. Following the offensive gambit/defensive counter/repeat formula, one can follow the common scenario and then move on to the more complex skill sets.

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Hatmaker spends little time on individual technique, which have been covered in past books he has written. For example, he does show you how to block a punch to the gut correctly, but do not except to see the many ways you should punch, kick and defend.  Even if you collect all of the MMA Mastery books, it is still recommended that you check out his No Holds Barred Fighting: The Book of Essential Submissions.

Unlike other MMA training guides, Hatmaker includes a brief conclusion and a index to easily find certain techniques and transitions. The flipping back and forth between pages is a lot more convenient when you are focusing on a certain drill that can take you in different directions. 800 photos are used to help demonstrate all of the drills.

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Hatmaker admits that this training book is not the definitive guide for MMA fights. One should add on to their training with these drills or use the guide to help start their skill set. Hatmaker stresses that limiting yourself in a sport that is evolving all the time can be costly in a fight

MMA Mastery: Flow Chain Drilling and Integrated O/D Training

By Mark Hatmaker

Tracks Publishing

192 pp.

June 2010


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