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McGregor’s Return, Hill’s KO, and Makhachev’s Dominance

The panel thoroughly examined the hottest topics in the fight world in the latest Ringside Report MMA show episode. From Conor McGregor’s surprising announcement to Jamal Hill’s electrifying knockout, the show was brimming with insights and analysis. The hosts, Dave Simon and Fred Garcia, alongside the frequently disconnected AJ D’Alesio, confidently shared their unique perspectives and predictions.

Key Takeaways

  • Conor McGregor’s upcoming fight against Michael Chandler is a significant event in the MMA calendar.
  • Jamal Hill’s impressive knockout win over Khalil Rountree Jr. has solidified his status as a rising star, but his quick return to the octagon raises concerns.
  • Islam Makhachev’s dominant performance against Dustin Poirier has cemented his position as a lightweight champion, but his confidence could be a potential weakness.
  • The PFL continues to gain momentum in the MMA world and its Gegard Mousasi problem.
  • The Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen boxing match generates buzz, but some believe a jiu-jitsu match would be more compelling.
Watch the episode on YouTube above or listen to the audio podcast below.

McGregor’s Return to the Octagon

The night’s biggest news was Conor McGregor’s revelation of his upcoming fight against Michael Chandler. This announcement has sent shockwaves through the MMA community, with speculation already running rampant about how this fight will play out. The Ringside Report crew broke down the potential strategies of both fighters, offering their predictions and analysis.

Hill’s Knockout and Makhachev’s Reign

The panel also discussed Jamal Hill’s stunning first-round knockout victory over Khalil Rountree Jr., solidifying his position as a rising star in the light heavyweight division. Dave expressed concern over Hill’s quick return to the octagon after a recent knockout, while Fred saw the appeal of fighting on a high-profile card like Conor McGregor’s.

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Poster For Ufc 303 Will It Be Conor Mcgregor'S Last Stand
Poster for UFC 303: Will it be Conor McGregor’s last stand

UFC 302: Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier

The conversation then turned to Islam Makhachev’s dominant win over Dustin Poirier, further cementing his status as a lightweight champion to be reckoned with. While all three hosts acknowledged Makhachev’s skill, Dave voiced concerns about the champion’s perceived cockiness and potential to overlook opponents. Fred countered, emphasizing Makhachev’s undeniable talent and the strategic advantage his wrestling poses against Poirier’s striking.

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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen: A Trilogy in the Making

Boxing in Brazil

The hosts also dove into the upcoming boxing match between MMA legends Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen in Brazil. Dave and Fred expressed excitement for the event, particularly due to the nostalgia and history between the two fighters. However, Fred questioned Sonnen’s decision to box Silva, given Anderson’s superior striking skills and experience in professional boxing. In his characteristically choppy manner, AJ advocated for a jiu-jitsu match instead, highlighting the unique appeal of grappling contests.

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Pfl'S Announcement That They Pfl Gobbles Up Bellator
PFL Goobles Up Bellator

Other Hot Topics

In addition to these major stories, the Ringside Report touched on a variety of other topics:

  • PFL’s Growth: The panel discussed the Professional Fighters League’s (PFL) rise and its efforts to rid itself of Gegard Mousasi’s Bellator contract, highlighting PFL’s unique format and growing popularity.
  • Pro Wrestling Crossover: The show concluded with a brief look at the upcoming pro wrestling events, showcasing the intersection between MMA and the world of sports entertainment.


This episode of the Ringside Report was a must-watch for any MMA fan. With in-depth analysis, expert predictions, and a wide range of topics covered, it’s clear that this show is a valuable resource for staying up-to-date on the latest happenings in the world of mixed martial arts.

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