UFC 303 McGregor v Chandler Poster

McGregor’s Destiny Hangs in the Balance: Will He Rise or Retire?

UFC 303 is set to break records with Conor McGregor's return against Michael Chandler, promising a thrilling showdown. Our experts break down the fight, McGregor's chances, and the potential impact on the UFC. Plus, get insights into UFC Fight Night 241 with Barboza vs. Murphy. Dive into the excitement and predictions!

The Hype and Stakes of UFC 303: McGregor vs. Chandler

UFC 303 is already making waves with its record-breaking gate, surpassing $20 million, the highest in UFC history. This historic event is headlined by the notorious Conor McGregor facing off against the relentless Michael Chandler. The Ringside Report MMA crew—Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio—are excited and have plenty to say about this highly anticipated bout.

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Dave Simon sees this fight as a crucial turning point for McGregor. “A focused McGregor is a very good fighter,” he says, pointing out that Conor has been unusually quiet in the lead-up to this fight, which could mean he’s seriously training. If McGregor can pull off a win, it could open doors to high-stakes matchups at 155 and 170 pounds against Max Holloway, Islam Makhachev, and Leon Edwards. However, Dave also acknowledges the risk. “If he gets finished within three rounds, it might be the end of the road for Conor in the UFC.”

Conor Mcgregor And Michael Chandler Menacing Eachother With Dana White In The Middle

Fred Garcia brings a dose of skepticism to the table. He questions McGregor’s ability to maintain consistency if he wins, noting that McGregor’s fighting frequency has dropped significantly. “If Conor McGregor wins, will he be back within 8 to 10 months, or will he take another year off?” Fred asks. He also points out Chandler’s age and inactivity, noting that Chandler is 38 and hasn’t fought since November 2022. “Could there be some gamesmanship on Conor’s part, icing out Michael Chandler until he’s out of his prime?” Fred wonders.

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Ufc 303 Mcgregor V Chandler Poster
UFC 303 McGregor v Chandler Poster

AJ D’Alesio, ever the optimist for McGregor, believes in Conor’s knockout power and his southpaw advantage over Chandler. Despite recent news about Conor’s father having a heart attack, AJ feels this could either be a major distraction or a source of motivation. “Let’s not forget who Conor is. That southpaw reach has made him successful,” AJ asserts.

Predictions and Breakdown: UFC Fight Night 241 – Barboza vs. Murphy

The Ringside Report team also shared their thoughts on the upcoming UFC Fight Night 241, featuring Edson Barboza vs. Bryce Mitchell and Lauren Murphy vs. Maycee Barber. While this card might not have the same star power as UFC 303, it’s still packed with intriguing matchups.

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Dave kicks things off by highlighting the exciting style clash between Barboza and Mitchell. “Barboza’s striking is world-class, but Mitchell’s grappling could neutralize that,” he notes. Fred agrees but adds that Barboza’s experience might give him the edge. “If Barboza can keep it standing, he has a good chance of winning.”

In the Murphy vs. Barber fight, AJ sees a tough challenge for the veteran Murphy. “Maycee Barber is young, hungry, and powerful. Murphy will need to rely on her experience and grit to pull off a win,” AJ says.

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The Bigger Picture: Implications for the UFC

The outcomes of these fights could have significant implications for the UFC landscape. A McGregor win at UFC 303 would not only be a financial boon but could also reignite his career, leading to potential blockbuster fights. Conversely, a loss could signal the end of McGregor’s run as a top-tier fighter, opening up discussions about his future outside the octagon.

For UFC Fight Night 241, the results might shape the futures of fighters like Barboza, Mitchell, Murphy, and Barber. A win for Barboza could keep him relevant in the featherweight division, while a victory for Mitchell could propel him into title contention. Similarly, a strong performance by Barber could mark her as a rising star in the women’s flyweight division.

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Key Takeaways

  • UFC 303: Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler is set to be a historic event with a record-breaking gate. The stakes are high for McGregor, who could reignite his career or face calls for retirement depending on the outcome.
  • Predictions: The Ringside Report crew has mixed feelings about McGregor’s chances. Dave and AJ lean towards a McGregor victory, while Fred remains skeptical.
  • UFC Fight Night 241: Edson Barboza vs. Bryce Mitchell and Lauren Murphy vs. Maycee Barber are the standout fights. The results could shape the futures of these fighters within their respective divisions.


As we approach UFC 303, McGregor’s return to the octagon is a significant moment for his career and the UFC. UFC Fight Night 241 also brings intriguing matchups that could impact the divisions. Whether you’re a McGregor fan or an MMA enthusiast, these events promise notable moments in combat sports. Watch the episode for detailed analysis and predictions, or listen to our audio podcast for in-depth discussions.