Sean O'Malley faces Marlon Vera in the UFC 299 Main Event poster

Incredible UFC 299 Predictions, Odds and Preview

Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D'Alesio break down the action-packed card with their razor-sharp analyses and fearless predictions. They've covered every angle, from edge-of-your-seat main events to undercard gems that could steal the show. Follow the banter and get the inside scoop on who to back in the octagon - this is your ultimate guide to UFC 299, tailor-made for die-hard MMA fans and betting enthusiasts alike.

In the UFC 299 Predictions and Preview episode of Ringside Report MMA, dive headfirst into the thrill of UFC 299 with the Ringside Report MMA team! Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio break down the action-packed card with their razor-sharp analyses and fearless predictions. They’ve covered every angle, from edge-of-your-seat main events to undercard gems that could steal the show.

Follow the banter and get the inside scoop on who to back in the octagon – this is your ultimate guide to UFC 299, tailor-made for die-hard MMA fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Watch the show using the YouTube connection below or listen to the podcast episode at the end of this article.

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UFC 299 is packed with action. The hosts favour Poirier’s striking and experience in the Poirier vs. Saint-Denis fight. Burns vs. Della Maddalena is a style clash, with Burns’ jiu-jitsu against Della Maddalena’s striking. Yan vs. Song has Yan’s technique against Song’s momentum. Holland vs. Page focuses on Holland’s adaptability against Page’s striking.

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Key Takeaways of our UFC 299 Predictions and Preview Episode

  1. Diverse Predictions: Each co-host had varied predictions for the fights, reflecting their analyses and understanding of the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Experience vs. Momentum: Discussions often centred around the battle between seasoned veterans like Poirier and rising stars like Saint-Denis, highlighting MMA’s dynamic nature, where knowledge and emerging talent constantly intersect.
  3. Technical Analysis: The co-hosts delved into the technical aspects of the matchups, discussing strategies, potential game plans, and key strengths that could determine the fights’ outcomes.
  4. Retirement Speculations: There were speculations about fighters like Poirier potentially retiring, especially if outcomes were unfavourable, underscoring the career considerations fighters face at various stages.
  5. Anticipation for High-Stakes Matchups: The team expressed genuine excitement for the card, especially given the high stakes involved in many matchups, indicating UFC 299’s significance in shaping future title challenges and fighter legacies.
  6. Engagement with Audience Opinions: The co-hosts referenced audience feedback and prevailing sentiments among fans, showing the interactive nature of their discussions and the broader MMA community’s engagement with UFC events.

These UFC 299 predictions and discussions encapsulate the multifaceted nature of MMA analysis, blending technical scrutiny with personal insights and broader narratives within the sport.

Sean O'Malley Faces Marlon Vera In The Ufc 299 Main Event Poster
Sean O’Malley faces Marlon Vera in the UFC 299 Main Event

O’Malley vs. Vera Main Event

The co-hosts shared their insights and predictions, highlighting critical aspects of both fighters. Despite acknowledging his skill set, Dave Simon expressed reservations about O’Malley’s consistency in high-pressure fights. He pointed out O’Malley’s need to prove himself as a champion, especially after a mixed record in recent fights.

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Fred Garcia, on the other hand, was more optimistic about O’Malley’s chances. He noted O’Malley’s preparation and serious approach to the fight and appreciated his development as a fighter. Garcia predicted O’Malley might win by decision, considering Vera’s toughness and durability, making it unlikely for O’Malley to finish the fight early.

AJ D’Alesio raised concerns about O’Malley’s defence, labelling him “hittable” and suggesting that his previous injury might have affected his performance in their first encounter. D’Alesio believed that if O’Malley managed to leverage his striking effectively, he could dispel doubts from their first fight and solidify his status as champion.

The conversation underscored the complexity of the matchup, with each co-host bringing a unique perspective to the table. The analysis reflected a blend of skepticism and confidence in O’Malley’s capabilities, setting the stage for an intriguing rematch with Vera.

Dave Simon, while recognizing O’Malley’s talent, remained cautious due to O’Malley’s performance inconsistency under pressure. Fred Garcia leaned towards O’Malley, citing his improved seriousness and fight preparation, suggesting a potential victory by decision due to Vera’s resilience. AJ D’Alesio voiced concerns over O’Malley’s defence, labelling him as vulnerable, but acknowledged that a strategic approach could lead O’Malley to vindicate his earlier loss to Vera.

Ufc Fighter Dustin Poirier Pointing To His Ear Signalling That He Is-Listening
UFC Fighter Dustin Poirier points to his ear, signalling that he is-listening

Dustin Poirier vs. Benoit Saint-Denis: A Veteran’s Resolve

Dustin Poirier, a seasoned fighter with a reputation for his striking prowess and resilience, is set to face the formidable Benoit Saint-Denis. The co-hosts emphasized Poirier’s extensive experience in high-stakes matches, suggesting it could be a decisive advantage. Saint-Denis, known for his relentless pressure and grappling skills, poses a significant challenge. However, the consensus leaned towards Poirier’s refined technique and octagon IQ, potentially securing him victory in this lightweight contest.

The co-hosts expressed that although Saint-Denis is a robust and up-and-coming fighter, Poirier’s experience and skill shouldn’t be underestimated. Dave Simon anticipated a finish in the fight, possibly within the first round, doubting it would last all five rounds due to Poirier’s capability to secure a decisive victory.

Fred Garcia highlighted Poirier’s resilience and history of enduring tough matchups, suggesting the fight could extend to three or four rounds, showcasing Poirier’s tenacity.

Regarding the possibility of Poirier retiring if he loses, AJ D’Alesio mentioned Poirier’s extensive contributions to the sport and his activities outside the octagon, like his hot sauce business and community work. This led to speculation that this fight could potentially be Poirier’s last, especially if the outcome were not in his favour, hinting at a transition phase in Poirier’s career.

The co-hosts recognized Poirier’s legendary status within the UFC but also acknowledged the harsh realities of the sport, where every fighter eventually faces the dilemma of when to step back.

Gilbert Burns vs. Jack Della Maddalena: A Clash of Styles

Gilbert Burns, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu maestro, is pitted against the striking specialist Jack Della Maddalena in the welterweight division. The discussion revolved around Burns’ potential to control the fight on the ground versus Della Maddalena’s knockout power. While acknowledging Burns’ submission threat, the co-hosts speculated that Della Maddalena’s striking accuracy and power could tilt the fight in his favour, provided he keeps the bout standing.

Petr Yan vs. Yadong Song: Technical Mastery Meets Rising Momentum

Petr Yan was celebrated for his impeccable technique and adaptability, and he faced the surging Yadong Song, whose momentum and finishing ability have made him a notable contender. The analysis highlighted Yan’s potential to outmaneuver Song with superior boxing and footwork. Nonetheless, Song’s recent performances and knockout capability were noted as factors that could lead to an upset in this bantamweight showdown.

Kevin Holland vs. Michael Page: The Striker’s Dilemma

Kevin Holland’s versatility and resilience are set to be tested against Michael “Venom” Page, a striker with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for highlight-reel knockouts. The co-hosts debated Holland’s ability to adapt his game plan to counter Page’s unorthodox striking. While Page’s striking is a significant threat, Holland’s well-rounded skill set and recent improvements could see him emerge victorious in this welterweight bout.

Host’s UFC 299 Excitement

Dave expressed excitement for the entire UFC 299 card, describing it as a prelude to the monumental UFC 300 event. He emphasized the high quality of the matchups and predicted engaging and competitive fights across the board. Dave’s enthusiasm for the event was palpable, highlighting the anticipation for standout performances and potential upsets that could redefine fighter standings within their respective divisions.

AJ and Fred provided their picks and shared their perspectives on the UFC 299 fight card. AJ’s excitement was palpable, particularly about the new talents entering the UFC, who were predicting a dynamic event. While also enthusiastic, Fred offered a more measured view, focusing on the fighters’ technical aspects and strategic matchups. Their insights complemented Dave’s, offering a well-rounded preview of the event.

AJ’s excitement for UFC 299 was evident in his enthusiasm about Michael Venom Page’s UFC debut against Kevin Holland, calling it a potential “fireworks fight.” He also highlighted the significance of the event as a setup for UFC 300, emphasizing the quality of matchups from prelims to the main card. His anticipation of MVP’s performance and the overall impact of the card showcased his palpable excitement.

Is Michael Page Too Old?

The Ringside Report team expressed concerns about Michael Page’s age, noting he is entering the UFC at 36, which they considered late for making a debut in such a competitive environment. This was contrasted with younger fighters on the card, indicating that age could affect the fight’s outcome.

The Ringside Report team discussed Michael Page’s age as a potential concern for his UFC debut against Kevin Holland. They noted that entering the UFC at 36 years old might pose challenges, given the competitive nature of the sport. They highlighted the need for Page to prove himself against younger, highly skilled opponents.

Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson Poster
Poster announcing the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

Aged Mike Tyson Returning to the Boxing Ring

In discussing Mike Tyson boxing again, particularly against Jake Paul, the Ringside Report MMA co-hosts expressed skepticism and excitement. Dave Simon hinted at the oddity of the fight, considering Tyson’s age and the unconventional matchup against a much younger Jake Paul. He pointed out the betting odds, highlighting Tyson as the underdog, which he found reasonable, yet still saw value in betting on Tyson due to his legendary status and experience.

AJ D’Alesio reminisced about Tyson’s heyday, admiring his willingness to fight anyone and recalling specific bouts from the late ’80s, showcasing his long-standing admiration for Tyson’s career. Despite acknowledging Tyson’s age, AJ seemed to retain faith in Tyson’s inherent fighting spirit and capabilities, suggesting that even at an older age, Tyson’s prowess shouldn’t be underestimated.

The conversation also touched on the nature of the fight, with debates on whether it would be more of an exhibition or a legitimate bout. There was a shared sentiment that regardless of Tyson’s age, his iconic status and the sheer unpredictability he brings to the ring make this a must-watch event. The discussion encapsulated a blend of nostalgia, respect for Tyson’s legacy, and curiosity about how this unusual match-up would unfold.

The conversation about Mike Tyson boxing again, especially against a personality like Jake Paul, stirred emotions and predictions from the Ringside Report MMA co-hosts. They pondered over the dynamics of the fight, considering Tyson’s legendary status and ferocious boxing style against Paul’s more contemporary approach and media savvy.

Fred Garcia weighed in on the spectacle of the event, questioning its impact on the sport’s integrity and recognizing its potential to draw significant attention and possibly introduce boxing to a younger audience. The co-hosts debated the fight’s competitive nature versus its entertainment value, with opinions varying on whether the matchup would be a serious contest or a high-profile exhibition designed to captivate fans with the allure of a legendary figure like Tyson stepping back into the ring.

Throughout the discussion, there was a consensus on the fight’s unique appeal, driven by Tyson’s enduring legacy and the intrigue surrounding Jake Paul’s foray into boxing against established fighters.

The dialogue reflected a blend of reverence for Tyson’s contributions to boxing and curiosity about the outcome of such an unconventional matchup, underscoring the fight’s potential to bridge eras and styles in a spectacle that transcends traditional sporting boundaries.

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