Best Techniques to Dominate 10th Planet Rubber Guard

The 10th Planet Rubber Guard has revolutionized the landscape of no-gi grappling by offering a sophisticated blend of control, flexibility, and submission opportunities. Mastering techniques such as the Gogo Clinch and the Carni Sweep requires an adept understanding of the mechanics and an unwavering dedication to refining one’s physical capabilities and strategic approach.

This discourse aims to illuminate the paramount techniques that embody the essence of dominating the 10th Planet Rubber Guard, providing practitioners with the tools to enhance their defensive maneuvers and proactively dismantle their opponents’ strategies. The journey to mastering these techniques is challenging and rewarding, inviting those committed to exploring the depths of their potential in the art of grappling.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering the Gogo Clinch and Carni Sweep is essential for attaining dominance in the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system.
  • Flexibility enhances control and elevates guard play, which is crucial for the practical application of the Rubber Guard.
  • Effective submission setups and transition tactics are vital in breaking down an opponent’s defence within the Rubber Guard framework.
  • Continuous improvement and learning are vital for retaining guards, escaping counters, and staying ahead in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

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Mastering the Gogo Clinch

The Gogo Clinch, a formidable technique within the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system, requires an adept blend of flexibility, precision, and strategic acumen to break down an opponent’s posture for submission opportunities effectively.

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This technique is not just a show of physical prowess but a testament to the practitioner’s understanding of posture control and submission setup.

Mastering the Gogo Clinch can access an arsenal of transition options and defensive strategies that confound even the most seasoned opponents.

Incorporating flow drills into one’s regimen is essential for refining these skills, ensuring that each movement is fluid and deliberate.

The Gogo Clinch exemplifies the art of control, transforming the Rubber Guard into a chess game where every move is calculated, and every submission is a checkmate.

Two men Mastering the Carni Sweep within the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system
Mastering the Carni Sweep within the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system

Perfecting the Carni Sweep

Mastering the Carni Sweep within the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system represents a pivotal advancement for practitioners aiming to enhance their ground game through strategic limb control and opponent manipulation. This technique, embodying the essence of control and finesse, leverages shin pressure to destabilize, while the arm trap ensures the opponent’s limb is neutralized, setting a chessboard for dominance.

Posture control is paramount; without it, the Carni Sweep loses its effectiveness, turning potential victory into vulnerability. The flexibility advantage cannot be understated—the silent warrior amplifies the sweep’s effectiveness, making transitions smoother and setting the stage for a seamless submission setup.

Perfecting the Carni Sweep isn’t just about physical execution; it’s about embracing a mindset of control, where every movement is a calculated step toward victory.

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Utilizing Flexibility for Control

Building upon foundational techniques such as the Carni Sweep, harnessing one’s flexibility emerges as a critical aspect for exerting unparalleled control within the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system. The flexibility advantages are manifold, allowing practitioners to secure positions and apply control techniques that are virtually inaccessible to those lacking such physical attributes.

Athletes can significantly enhance their ability to execute precision submissions through dedicated flexibility drills, turning the Rubber Guard into a formidable arsenal. Moreover, flexibility maintenance becomes an integral part of the daily regimen, ensuring that the practitioner’s body remains primed for the demands of this dynamic grappling style.

This diligent focus on flexibility augments control and elevates the practitioner’s game to new heights, making the pursuit of flexibility a non-negotiable cornerstone of mastering the 10th Planet Rubber Guard.

Two people in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu rashguards demonstrating a technique
Two people in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu rashguards demonstrating a technique

Breaking Down Opponent Defence with 10th Planet Rubber Guard

In the 10th Planet Rubber Guard realm, dismantling an opponent’s defences requires a keen understanding of leverage and the strategic application of pressure points. Mastering the art involves brute strength and a sophisticated blend of techniques that target an adversary’s vulnerabilities.

Effective defence strategies often hinge on predicting and nullifying the opponent’s counter-attacks, turning their efforts to escape into opportunities for advancing one’s position or setting up submissions. Incorporating escaping techniques ensures one remains a step ahead, seamlessly transitioning between attack modes.

Submission setups are the cornerstone of breaking down defences, requiring precision, timing, and anticipation. Transition drills practiced with diligence refine the ability to navigate between these elements, ensuring a practitioner’s dominance in the face of resistance.

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Elevating Guard Play

Elevating guard play within 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu demands a deep understanding of the Rubber Guard system, simultaneously challenging practitioners to push the boundaries of their flexibility, strategy, and technical prowess. Mastery of this domain is not merely about adopting a static posture but about fluidly navigating through an intricate web of flexibility drills, transition strategies, and submission chains.

A practitioner’s ability to retain guard under pressure while seamlessly transitioning between positions speaks volumes about their technical acumen. Furthermore, integrating counterattacks into one’s arsenal transforms the guard from a defensive position into a launchpad for offensive maneuvers. This dynamic interplay of guard retention, strategic transitions, and aggressive submissions underpins the essence of elevating guard play in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

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Exploring Advanced Rubber Guard

A deep exploration of the Advanced Rubber Guard is essential to further enhance guard play within the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system. This focuses on sophisticated techniques and strategies that enable practitioners to control and submit their opponents with unprecedented precision.

Mastering advanced transitions and employing unique controls are foundational. These skills allow for seamless submission setups and strategic entries that catch opponents off-guard.

Flow drills ensure positional dominance, while counterattacks and defensive strategies fortify the practitioner against aggressive adversaries.

Partner drills and live sparring simulations are crucial. These activities mirror real combat scenarios and refine the application of techniques under pressure.

This rigorous approach to the Advanced Rubber Guard cultivates an environment where control is paramount, guiding practitioners to dominate their opponents with skill and finesse.

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Developing Precision Techniques

Mastering the art of precision techniques within the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu’s Rubber Guard system demands an unwavering commitment to detail, flexibility, and strategic execution. Precision execution is desirable and essential for success, necessitating a high level of technique refinement that becomes the key to mastery.

Controlled movements are critical for effectiveness, ensuring that each maneuver is deliberate and purposeful. Strategic positioning is crucial for dominance, enabling practitioners to leverage their body’s alignment for maximum control over opponents.

Furthermore, fluid transitions are vital for seamless attacks, allowing for an unpredictable and dynamic offensive strategy. Together, these elements form the foundation of a formidable Rubber Guard game, leading to unparalleled control and submission opportunities.

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Embracing Continuous Learning

Embracing the journey of continuous learning is essential for practitioners of the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system. It fosters an environment of relentless improvement and adaptation in the face of evolving combat scenarios. Mastery of this system demands initial understanding and ongoing refinement and expansion of one’s arsenal.

Incorporating flexibility drills is paramount. They enhance the ability to maneuver into advantageous positions for submission setups. Understanding the nuances of transition tactics allows for fluid movement between holds, while guard retention skills ensure control is never relinquished.

Additionally, mastering escaping counters is crucial. It provides the ability to thwart opponents’ attempts to dominate. This continuous cycle of learning and applying new techniques in flexibility, submissions, transitions, retention, and counters ensures dominance in the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system.


In conclusion, the 10th Planet Rubber Guard system represents a paradigm shift in no-gi grappling. It offers a suite of techniques that demand flexibility, precision, and strategic acumen. Mastery of elements such as the Gogo Clinch and the Carni Sweep, alongside a commitment to continuous learning, equips practitioners with the tools to disrupt traditional defence mechanisms effectively.

This approach enhances guard play and positions athletes to leverage their skills for dominant performances on the mat, embodying the innovative spirit of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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