Alpha & Omega a Pawsome Family 3-D Adventure

Following the classic love story format, opposites attract in this fun 3-D animated children’s romantic comedy, Alpha & Omega. \"\"

The Alphas are the serious members of the wolf pack, in charge of hunting and protecting the pack. The Omegas are the goofy dependent clowns of the pack, whose days are spent fooling around. With a shortage of food in Canada’s Jasper Park a war is brooding between the rival west wolf pack and the east wolf pack. In order to keep the peace leaders of the packs Winston (Danny Glover) and Tony (Dennis Hopper) have decided to arrange a marriage between there best two Alphas children, Kate (Hayden Panettiere) and Garth (Chris Carmack). The two howl at the moon together and Garth is not the stud he makes himself out to be; his howl is so horrendous that it renders birds dizzy and unable to fly. Kate gets cold feet and high tails it out of the there, only to run into Humphrey (Justin Long). Humphrey has a major crush on Kate, but he is an Omega, making Kate out of his league in the social order of things.

As they are chatting, both are tranquilized and transported to Sawtooth National Recreation Area in Idaho where they are expected to repopulate, which excites Humphrey, and disgusts Kate. In Idaho, Kate and Humphrey meet a golfing French Canadian goose named Marcel (Larry Miller) and his caddy duck Paddy (Eric Price), who help them get back to Jasper Park as soon as possible to keep a territorial war from taking place.

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They hitch a ride with and odd couple of a biker and a librarian’s trailer, but when the couple makes a pit stop Humphrey needs to pee, and causes the two to lose their ride. Meanwhile, back at home, the conflict is reaching a boiling point and Garth falls in love with Kate’s Omega sister Lilly (Christina Ricci) who aids his howling problems.

As their journey continues the meet up with Marcel and Paddy once again, who guide them to another route home, where they encounter an adorable bear cub. Humphrey starts to play with the cub, but is then confronted by three massive grizzly bears, who are not thrilled with about the wolf’s playful demeanor. After escaping from the bears and the other obstacles along the way, Kate and Humphrey find themselves falling in love. They make it back to home, to save the packs from destroying each other, but Kate agrees to marry Garth as proposed early. Humphrey is heart broken as is everyone else involved. Kate and Garth refuse to get married, which enrages Garth’s stubborn old fashion father Tony, who believe in the wolf code, that Alphas and Omegas do not marry. During the argument, both packs find themselves in a life threatening position, only to be saved by Kate and Humphrey. Although is changes the wolf code, Tony and Winston except the relations between Kate and Humphrey and Garth and Lilly allowing everyone to live happily ever after.

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The film is filled with corny songs, wolves dancing and lots of sexual innuendo, that are subtle enough to make parents laugh and keep children oblivious, making it a prefect family movie.