Here are Dave and Ben Simon in studio and Johnny North connected remotely discussing AEW Dominates WWE

AEW Dominates WWE i: Clash at the Castle 2024 Predictions & Tag Team Division Analysis | Wrestling Uncensored Recap

Join Wrestling Uncensored as we dive into the latest WWE and AEW news! From Drew McIntyre's big moment at Clash at the Castle to the strengths and weaknesses of both promotions' rosters, our hosts provide in-depth analysis and bold predictions. Don't miss out on our comprehensive breakdown and what it means for the future of pro wrestling!

In this week’s episode of Wrestling Uncensored, hosts Dave Simon, Ben Simon, and Genesis Johnny North, along with a live audience, dug deep into the latest happenings in professional wrestling and debated whether AEW Dominates WWE. From the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle event to a comprehensive comparison of AEW and WWE’s rosters, the discussion was lively and insightful. If you missed it, watch the replay on YouTube, Rumble, Twitch, or Kick, or listen to the audio podcast. Here’s an overview of the episode, including the key topics discussed.

Watch the replay on YouTube, Rumble, Twitch, or Kick, or listen to the audio podcast.

WWE Tag Team Division Weakness

The conversation then shifted to the comparative strength of WWE and AEW’s rosters with the thought that perhaps AEW Dominates WWE. The lack of quality in WWE’s tag team division was a recurring theme. Dave was particularly critical of the current state, highlighting the lack of credible challengers and the uninspired tag team match booking. “All their side belts now are just a total mess,” Dave remarked, highlighting the disarray in WWE’s tag team scene​​. In contrast, AEW’s tag team division was praised for its depth and exciting rivalries, highlighting a significant disparity between the two promotions.

Women’s Division and Upcoming Tag Team Match

AEW’s women’s division was another focal point. While WWE has some standout stars like Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill, their tag team division suffers from a lack of credible opponents. “Jade and Bianca are stars, but they’re the tag team champions of what?” Dave questioned, reflecting the general sentiment among fans about the weak competition in WWE’s women’s division​​. The upcoming triple threat tag team match, featuring teams like Alba Fire & Isla Dawn, was met with skepticism. Johnny and Ben agreed that WWE needs to bolster its women’s roster to create more compelling storylines and matches.

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Potential Future Tag Teams and Feuds

Looking ahead, the hosts speculated on potential future tag teams and feuds that could revitalize WWE’s tag division. Johnny mentioned the possibility of new alliances forming post-Clash at the Castle, which could inject fresh energy into the tag team scene. Dave highlighted the importance of consistent storytelling and proper build-up to make these teams feel significant. “There’s really still nobody for Bianca and Jade Cargill. There’s nobody for them to feud with,” Dave pointed out, emphasizing the need for stronger opposition​​.

Tiffany Stratton confronts Nia Jax

Nia Jax and Tiffany Stratton Tag Team Potential

One interesting angle discussed was the potential tag team of Nia Jax and Tiffany Stratton. Their partnership could provide a much-needed boost to WWE’s women’s tag division. “Tiffany and Nia against Jade and Bianca is a legit tag team match,” Dave suggested, seeing potential in this duo to become a dominant force if booked correctly​​. The chemistry between Nia’s powerhouse style and Tiffany’s agility could make for an intriguing dynamic.

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Men’s Tag Team Division and Key Matches

The men’s tag team division on Raw and SmackDown was also scrutinized. The consensus was that while there are talented teams, the booking has been lacklustre. Johnny pointed out that teams like The Viking Raiders have potential but are currently sidelined due to injuries. “The men’s tag team division, like it’s not even defended at Clash at the Castle because it shouldn’t be,” Dave noted, criticizing the lack of compelling tag team storylines in WWE​​. Meanwhile, the tag team champions Miz and R-Truth lack credible challengers, making their reign less impactful.

Here Are Dave And Ben Simon In Studio And Johnny North Connected Remotely Discussing Aew Dominates Wwe
Dave, Ben and Johnny debated the relative strengths and weaknesses of the AEW and WWE main rosters.

Comparison of WWE and AEW Women’s Divisions as AEW Dominates WWE

The discussion naturally led to a broader comparison of the women’s divisions in WWE and AEW. AEW was lauded for its more dynamic and competitive women’s roster, with matches that often feel more significant and engaging. In contrast, while having top-tier talent, WWE’s division suffers from inconsistent booking and a lack of depth. “The women’s division in WWE right now is trash. Every division is weak as hell,” Dave stated bluntly, summarizing the overarching issues plaguing WWE​​. This comparison highlighted the areas where WWE could improve to compete more effectively with AEW.

Key Takeaways

  1. Clash at the Castle is a major event for WWE, with Drew McIntyre likely to shine in his home country.
  2. The Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles match is a must-watch, promising high-quality wrestling and significant storyline developments.
  3. AEW’s roster, in both men’s and women’s divisions, currently appears stronger and more dynamic than WWE’s.
  4. WWE needs to address its tag team division issues in the men’s and women’s categories to create more engaging content.
  5. If handled properly, Nia Jax and Tiffany Stratton‘s potential team could be a game-changer for WWE’s women’s tag division.


This episode of Wrestling Uncensored offered a thorough breakdown of the current state of WWE and AEW, with insightful analysis from the hosts and live audience. As we look forward to WWE’s Clash at the Castle, there is much anticipation for what promises to be an exciting event. Be sure to tune in to our coverage next week, starting with a preview on Friday and a post-show right after the event on Saturday afternoon. Don’t miss out on the action, and join the discussion on our platforms!