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RDX MMA Gloves for Martial Arts Training


    Engineered with authentic cowhide leather for superior durability and resilience, the RDX MMA Gloves for Martial Arts Training (Cowhide Leather) are ideal for those seeking long-lasting, high-quality gloves for intense training sessions.

    The shock gel padding provides optimum impact resistance, while the open-cut palm promotes airflow and maintains a natural grip. With the Quick-EZ hook and loop, you can enjoy a comfortably secure fit that supports your wrists during training. We liked this feature, so we thought it was interesting to include it among the 12 best MMA gloves and shin guards

    The gel padding diffuses force during strikes, and the “spongex” padding disperses collision impact uniformly. These uniquely designed MMA gloves offer better padding and mobility, with an elasticated attached thumb design and pinholes for dry hands during grappling.

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    With genuine cowhide leather, sweat-wicking properties, and high-quality stitching, these gloves provide comfort, reliability, and durability for rigorous martial arts training.

    Best For: Martial artists and enthusiasts seeking durable, high-quality gloves for intense training sessions.

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        • Genuine cowhide leather for durability and resilience
        • Shock gel padding for optimum impact resistance
        • Open-cut palm design for airflow and natural grip


      • They may be more expensive than other MMA gloves

    Transform Your Training: Discover the RDX MMA Gloves that redefine durability and comfort! With genuine cowhide leather and advanced shock absorption, these gloves are a game-changer for martial arts enthusiasts. Don’t settle for less – Experience the difference and elevate your performance. Limited stock is available!