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Fiving MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards


    With its lightweight construction and contoured design, FIVING MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards with Instep Protection are an excellent choice for those seeking optimal mobility and snug fit during self-defence classes or martial arts training. Made from high-quality synthetic leather, these shin guards feature double Velcro fastening at the back and an elasticated foot strap for a secure fit. The injection-molded foam padding provides freedom of movement and superior shock absorption.

    The design closely fits the leg to prevent rubbing against the knees and maintain stickiness. Customer reviews highlight these shin guards’ comfort and protection, making them suitable for various martial arts and self-defence classes. Despite some packaging issues, these shin guards are well-received and provide good value for the price, offering excellent shin protection.

    Best For: Those seeking lightweight and contoured shin guards with excellent mobility and protection for martial arts and self-defence classes.

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        • Comfortable to wear
        • Good protection for the shins
        • Suitable for people with larger calves


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      • Wrinkled and deformed footguards due to packaging

    Boost your martial arts training with Fiving MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards. Lightweight, contoured design for mobility, secure Velcro fastening, and superior foam padding for protection. Ideal for all martial arts