Ngannou vs Fury A Passionate Debate

In a riveting discussion on Ringside Report MMA, our expert co-hosts weigh in on the much-anticipated bout between boxing legend Tyson Fury and MMA powerhouse Francis Ngannou. With contrasting opinions, predictions, and insights into the fighters’ journeys, this face-off promises to be a historic event in combat sports. Dive into the debate and discover why this fight is more than just a match—it’s a testament to dedication, strategy, and the spirit of competition. #FuryVsNgannou #CombatSportsShowdown

During the September 28th, 2023 episode of Ringside Report MMA, the hosts brought up Ngannou vs Fury A Passionate Debate ahead of the upcoming fight between retired boxer Tyson Fury and former UFC MMA champ Francis Ngannou, scheduled for October 28th.

Main Points:

  • Dave Simon believes Tyson Fury will beat Francis Ngannou. He emphasizes the challenge Ngannou is taking on, facing one of the best heavyweight champions in his first pro boxing match.
  • Fred Garcia suggests that Ngannou doesn’t want to be challenged. He also mentions that Ngannou expects to earn more from this fight than all his UFC fights combined.
  • AJ D’Alesio emphasizes the significance of the boxing heavyweight title, comparing it to legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. He passionately believes in Ngannou’s dedication and training, highlighting Ngannou’s journey from Cameroon to France and his dream of becoming the heavyweight champion. D’Alesio predicts that Ngannou will knock out Tyson Fury.
  • Dave Simon praises Ngannou’s strategic moves outside the UFC, highlighting how he outsmarted everyone in the fight game. He also mentions the potential financial gains from the fight and a possible rematch.
  • Fred Garcia brings up the marketing aspect, suggesting that the fight might not be as hyped as other events like the Dillon Danis and Logan Paul fight. However, he believes the Fury-Ngannou fight will be a more significant success in terms of pay-per-view sales.


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The upcoming fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou has stirred a lot of emotions and predictions among the MMA community. While some believe in Fury’s boxing prowess, others are backing Ngannou’s dedication, training, and incredible journey to the top. Regardless of the outcome, this fight is set to be one for the history books, potentially reshaping the landscape of combat sports. Watch the broadcast replay to learn more.

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