Pereira applies the knockout kick to Procházka to retain his belt at UFC 303

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UFC 303 might not have gone as planned with the last-minute cancellation of McGregor vs. Chandler, but the action on the main card didn't disappoint. Join Dave Simon and AJ D'Alesio as they dive into the highs and lows of each fight, from Michael Venom Page's impressive defense to Alex Pereira's powerful finish against Jiri Prochazka. Despite the unexpected changes, UFC 303 delivered unforgettable moments and intense battles. Read on for the full breakdown of an electrifying night in MMA.

UFC 303 was supposed to be one of the year’s most anticipated events, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. However, the last-minute cancellation of this highly-anticipated fight left many fans, including our co-hosts Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio, feeling a bit deflated. Despite the changes to the co-main event, the night still had its fair share of thrilling moments and intense matchups. Join us as we dive into the reactions and insights from Dave and AJ on each fight from the main card of UFC 303.

Michael Venom Page vs. Ian Machado Garry

First Round: Dave and AJ were immediately captivated by the fight between Michael Venom Page (MVP) and Ian Machado Garry. AJ was impressed with MVP’s defence when Garry got a body triangle and seemed close to finishing the fight. Dave noted how MVP managed to squeeze out of the position and survive the round despite being in a bad spot.

Dave Simon: “Very good defense though right now for Michael Venom Page…he’s still in a bad way though. He’s still losing the round.”

AJ D’Alesio: “But he’s controlling the arm so it like…he’s slowly turning into him…A lot of patience man. And to be honest I thought he was done.”

Second Round: MVP came back strong in the second round, landing significant strikes. Dave and AJ discussed MVP’s unique fighting style, particularly his karate stance and low hands. AJ was impressed by MVP’s resilience and striking.

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AJ D’Alesio: “MVP is impressing me quite a bit because he’s clocked the injury a few times…look at this man. He’s going for the knockout punch.”

Third Round: The fight was anyone’s game in the final round. Dave and AJ debated the effectiveness of MVP’s strategy, especially when Garry managed to take MVP’s back again. They both agreed it was a close fight but leaned towards MVP’s striking as a winning factor.

Dave Simon: “This is a pick and fight. It’s anybody’s fight here in the third round.”

AJ D’Alesio: “I think MVP would have won this if they were able to keep standing. And if it was a five round fight, I think MVP would have won it.”

Ultimately, Ian Machado Garry won unanimously, surprising Dave and AJ.

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Macy Chiasson vs. Maira Bueno Silva

First Round: Dave and AJ analyzed each fighter’s strategy during the fight between Macy Chiasson and Maira Bueno Silva. They noted Macy’s height and reach advantage but were impressed by Silva’s striking power.

Dave Simon: “Nice one-two combination from Maira Bueno Silva…Big head kick. Big knees to the head from Bueno Silva.”

Second Round: They observed how Bueno Silva mixed her striking with takedown attempts as the fight progressed. Dave questioned Silva’s decision to go for takedowns when her striking was working well.

Dave Simon: “The striking is working. And she stops the striking flows with takedown attempts that aren’t really working.”

Third Round: In the third round, both fighters exchanged heavy shots, but Silva’s clinch work and knees seemed to give her the edge. Dave and AJ discussed the closeness of the fight and how each round could be scored.

AJ D’Alesio: “I think Bueno Silva won that round.”

Ultimately, Silva’s aggression and effective striking earned her the win, much to the satisfaction of AJ, who had called the fight in her favour.

Diego Lopes vs. Dan Ige (Co-Main Event)

The last-minute co-main event replacement had Diego Lopes facing Dan Ige, a match that brought unexpected excitement. Despite the changes, both fighters delivered a high-energy bout that engaged Dave and AJ.

First Round: Lopes came out aggressively, trying to establish dominance early. AJ noted Lopes’ quick strikes and attempts to control the pace. Dave highlighted Ige’s composure under pressure, countering Lopes effectively.

AJ D’Alesio: “Lopes is throwing everything at Ige, but Ige’s staying calm and picking his shots.”

Second Round: In the second round, Ige gained momentum, landed significant blows, and demonstrated his grappling skills. Dave and AJ were impressed with Ige’s resilience and ability to adapt.

Dave Simon: “Ige’s turning the tide here. He’s reading Lopes well and countering beautifully.”

Third Round: Both fighters gave it their all in the final round, but Ige’s experience and precision seemed to edge out Lopes. Dave and AJ applauded the heart shown by both competitors.

AJ D’Alesio: “This was a war! Lopes showed great promise, but Ige’s experience made the difference.”

Dan Ige won by unanimous decision, much to the approval of Dave and AJ, who appreciated the effort from both fighters in a last-minute matchup.

Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka (Main Event)

The main event between Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka was the highlight of the night. Both fighters are known for their explosive styles.

First Round: The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out. Dave and AJ noted Pereira’s striking accuracy and Prochazka’s unorthodox movements. AJ was particularly impressed by Prochazka’s ability to close the distance.

AJ D’Alesio: “Prochazka’s style is so unpredictable. He’s making it hard for Pereira to find his rhythm.”

Second Round: The second round saw Pereira landing heavy shots, but Prochazka’s chin and heart kept him in the fight. Dave admired Prochazka’s resilience and ability to absorb punishment while still moving forward.

Dave Simon: “Pereira’s hitting him with everything, but Prochazka just keeps coming. This guy is tough as nails.”

Pereira Knocks Out Prochazka To Retiain His Belt At Ufc 303
Pereira applies the knockout kick to Procházka to retain his belt at UFC 303

Third Round: Pereira’s striking proved too much for Prochazka in the final round. Dave and AJ were on their feet as Pereira landed a decisive blow that led to a TKO victory.

Dave Simon: “What a finish by Pereira! His power is just something else.”

AJ D’Alesio: “Incredible performance by Pereira. Prochazka gave it his all, but Pereira’s precision was unmatched.”

Closing Comments

As UFC 303 wrapped up, Dave and AJ reflected on the night. Despite the disappointment of the McGregor vs. Chandler fight being canceled, the card still delivered memorable moments and thrilling battles.

Dave Simon: “It wasn’t the card we originally hoped for, but man, these fighters brought it tonight. Some great performances and a lot of heart shown.”

AJ D’Alesio: “Yeah, even with the changes, UFC 303 had some awesome fights. Props to all the fighters for stepping up and giving us a show.”

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Venom Page vs. Ian Machado Garry: Despite a strong performance and impressive striking, MVP fell short to Garry’s grappling and control, leading to a unanimous decision in Garry’s favour.
  • Macy Chiasson vs. Maira Bueno Silva: Silva’s effective striking and clinch work earned her the win, with Dave and AJ noting her powerful knees and combinations.
  • Diego Lopes vs. Dan Ige: In a last-minute co-main event, Ige’s experience and composure earned him a unanimous decision victory over the aggressive and promising Lopes.
  • Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka: Pereira’s striking power and precision led to a thrilling TKO victory in the main event, showcasing his dominance in the octagon.


UFC 303 showcased the skills and strategies of top fighters, and Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio provided insightful and entertaining commentary throughout the night. From analyzing striking techniques to debating the effectiveness of grappling, their reactions highlighted the intricacies of each fight. The night ended with surprising decisions and memorable moments, making UFC 303 a card to remember. Despite the last-minute changes, the fighters delivered an unforgettable show, proving once again the resilience and excitement of MMA.