Wrestling Uncensored EP. 116 now online – Ringside Report + Wrestling Uncensored

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 116. Original air date: December 29, 2012. Hosted by Dave Simon and Jeremy Prophet.

Simon and Prophet discussed Alberto Del Rio’s strange week after hitting Santa Claus with his car and wrestling John Cena in a street fight on Raw to defending Ricardo Rodriguez and wrestling Big Show for the World Heavyweight title on Smackdown.

Simon and Prophet discussed the X-Mas eve edition of Monday night Raw including CM Punk’s in-ring promo and Ryback’s involvement, the involvement of Santa Claus and the backstage promos featuring A.J. and Dolph Ziggler.

Simon and Prophet also discussed Antonio Cesaro’s current run as United States champion and his tag-team match on Raw with Wade Barrett versus The Miz and Kofi Kingston.

All this and much more on this 100-plus minute episode.

WARNING: Pre-show bonus audio contains language that may be offensive to some listeners.