Wrestling Uncensored EP. 113 now online – Ringside Report + Wrestling Uncensored

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 113. Original air date: December 8, 2012. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

Simon and North discussed CM Punk’s knee injury and his withdrawal from the TLC pay-per-view and his WWE title defense versus Ryback. Simon and North talked about CM Punk’s future as WWE champion and the new TLC match made this week feautring Ryback and Team Hell No versus The Shield.

Simon and North talked about Alberto Del Rio’s impressive week with very good matches on Raw and Smackdown versus Sin Cara and Sheamus respectively.

Simon and North discussed Antonio Cesaro winning a fatal-4-way on Raw and having one of his best promo performances on Smackdown.

This podcast contains pre-show bonus material that features Simon and North discussing TNA Final Resolution that takes place on Sunday December 9, 2012.

WARNING: Pre-show bonus material contains language that may be offensive to some listeners.