TUF 17: Episode 4 notes and results

tuflogoEpisode 4- February 12, 2013- Adam Cella returns home to the Ultimate Fighter house. Cella interrupts Uriah Hall in the shower and congratulates him for the victory. Hall apologizes for hurting Cella.
Kevin Casey (5-2,Team Sonnen) will fight Collin Hart (4-1, Team Jones) on this episode’s TUF 17 Middleweight Tournament-Round of 14 bout.
Kevin Casey talks to his teammates about his fight. Casey chose Collin Hart because he believes his striking is not good enough to open a cut on his face. Casey was cut in his fight to get into TUF.
Bubba McDaniel (Team Jones) tells Hart there is no way he sees him losing the fight. Collin Hart says he likes to be the silent type who sneaks past everyone to the top. Jon Jones says Hart is one of the best ground fighters in the house, has amazing dirty-boxing and has great cardio.
Some fighters are talking about Kevin Casey’s rap career outside of the house. Gilbert Smith (Team Jones) engages in a rap battle with Kevin Casey and loses.
Kevin Casey talks about training with Rickson Gracie while growing up and becoming good friends with his son Rockson. Casey is shown training and talking to his coach, Chael Sonnen.
Bubba McDaniel says that he’s been told he will fight next if his teammate Collin Hart wins and regains control of the fight selection. Dylan Andrews (Team Jones) says he is tired of talking about match-ups and just wants to fight.
The electricity shuts off in the Ultimate Fighter house during the night. Team Sonnen decide to prank Team Jones with toilet paper but fail miserably. Collin Hart says there will be revenge for disturbing their sleep.
Kevin Casey goes to shake Collin Hart’s hand at the weigh-ins but Hart flips him the middle finger. Casey gets upset and the two go nose-to-nose and have to be separated. Members of Team Sonnen are upset and Uriah Hall asks Casey if he can take his place to fight Hart.
Uriah Hall tells Collin Hart he’s disappointed in him when they get back to the Ultimate Fighter house. Hart says he did it because Casey messed with his sleep. Casey says he is not upset by the middle finger but is disappointed because they are professionals and it looks bad. Casey says Hart is a younger guy and will get taught a lesson. Hart says he is going to make an example of Casey not to mess with his sleep. Hart says he’s going to hurt Casey and make his whole team watch.
Jon Jones is excited and wants to win on fight day. Hart says it’s been difficult seeing his friends lose and is ready to prove people wrong.
Kevin Casey (5-2, Team Sonnen) v. Collin Hart (4-1, Team Jones)-TUF 17 MW Tournament-Final 14
Round 1- Hart charges at Casey right away and scores a takedown in then first 10 seconds. Hart passes into side-control but Casey locks him back in his full guard. Hart passes the guard and lands punches to the body but Casey is able to get to his feet. Casey pushes Hart into the fence but takes knees to the body. Hart continues to land knees to the body and reverses position to put Casey’s back against the fence. The fighters battle for control in the clinch and Casey reverses position to get Hart’s back against the cage. Hart fights back and they continue to push and reverse position in the clinch against the fence. Hart lands knees to the body but neither man lands anything significant in the clinch. Casey pushes away and lands punches to the head but clinches again and takes knees to the body as the round comes to a close. I would score Round 1 for Collin Hart: 10-9
Round 2- Casey lands a solid right hand and a good jab in the first 30 seconds of the round. Hart pushes Casey into the fence and it appears that Casey’s cut has opened up. Hart gets a body-lock against the fence and works for a takedown. Hart is able to score the takedown and lands punches from half-guard. Hart passes the half-guard into side-control and then into full-mount. Hart lands short punches from the mount as Casey locks him back up into half-guard. Hart lands short shoulder strikes and elbows as he looks to pass but is locked back up into the guard of Kevin Casey. Hart continues to work his ground-and-pound from inside the guard but cannot land any big shots. Hart continues to land short strikes from inside the guard as the final minute of the round winds down. Hart stays on top and ends the round with his Coach Jon Jones celebrating outside the cage. I would score Round 2 for Collin Hart: 10-9
Collin Hart def. Kevin Casey via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) to advance to TUF 17 MW Tournament Quarter-Finals
Dana White says Kevin Casey looked like he almost quit and didn’t try to win the fight after being broken in the first round. Jon Jones says he couldn’t be more proud of Collin Hart. Chael Sonnen says Kevin Casey did not show up to fight. Collin Hart apologizes to Chael Sonnen for the middle finger at the weigh-ins. Sonnen says if you’re willing to fight you should be allowed to say whatever you want about your opponent before the fight.
Collin Hart says he is happy he won but did not want to let it go to the judges. Hart starts running on a treadmill after the fight to prepare for the next one.
Kevin Casey tells his team that an accidental head-butt cut him in the fight. Casey says that he wasn’t physically all there in the fight and hopes to get another opportunity as a wild card.
Jon Jones selects Bubba McDaniel (20-6, Team Jones) to fight Kelvin Gastelum (4-0, Team Sonnen) on next week’s TUF 17 Middleweight Tournament-Round of 14 bout. McDaniel was Team Jones 3rd pick, 5th overall, while Gastelum was Team Sonnen’s 7th pick, 13th overall in the draft.
Jon Jones says they picked Gastelum because he is one of Team Sonnen’s weakest links. Jones says Gastelum is a better wrestler but McDaniel is a better grappler. Chael Sonnen says Kelvin Gastelum is a power-puncher and the youngest fighter to ever compete on TUF. Gastelum is 21 years old.
TUF 17 Quick Results
Episode 1- January 22, 2013- Preliminary bouts to enter TUF 17 house
Adam Cella def. Jake Heun via submission (arm-bar) Round 1
Zak Cummings def. Nik Fekete via TKO Round 1
Kevin Casey def. Eldon Sproat via submission (rear-naked choke) R1
Tor Troeng def. Scott Rosa via submission (rear-naked choke) R1
Clint Hester def. Fraser Opie via unanimous decision
Bubba McDaniel def. Ryan Bigler via TKO (strikes) in R2
Josh Samman def. Leo Bercier via TKO (elbows) in R1
Kelvin Gastelum def. Kito Andrews via decision
Jimmy Quinlan def. Mike Persons via TKO (punches) R1
Uriah Hall def. Andy Enz via unanimous decision
Gilbert Smith def. Eric Wahlin via submission (arm-triangle choke) in R1
Luke Barnatt def. Nicholas Kohring via decision
Dylan Andrews def. Tim Williams via decision
Collin Hart def. Mike Jasper via submission (rear-naked choke) R1
Episode 2- January 29, 2013- Luke Barnatt def. Gilbert Smith via KO (knee) at 3:14 in Round 2 to advance to TUF 17 MW Tournament Quarter-Finals
Episode 3- February 4, 2013- Uriah Hall def. Adam Cella via KO (spinning head kick) 4:55 in Round 1 to advance to TUF 17 MW Tournament Quarter-Finals
Episode 4- February 12, 2013- Collin Hart def. Kevin Casey via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) to advance to TUF 17 MW Tournament Quarter-Finals
TUF 17 teams and draft selections
Team Chael Sonnen: Luke Barnatt (5-0) 1st pick, 1st overall, Uriah Hall (7-2) 2nd pick, 3rd overall, Zak Cummings (15-3) 3rd pick, 5th overall, Tor Troeng (15-4) 4th pick, 7th overall, Jimmy Quinlan (3-0) 5th pick, 9th overall, Kevin Casey (5-2) 6th pick, 11th overall, Kelvin Gastelum (4-0) 7th pick, 13th overall
Team Jon Jones: Clint Hester (7-3) 1st pick, 2nd overall, Josh Samman (9-2) 2nd pick, 4th overall, Bubba McDaniel (20-6) 3rd pick, 5th overall, Gilbert Smith (5-1) 4th pick, 6th overall, Collin Hart (4-1) 5th pick, 10th overall, Adam Cella (4-0) 6th pick, 12th overall, Dylan Andrews (15-4) 7th pick, 14th overall
TUF 17 Quarter-Finalists: Luke Barnatt (5-0, Team Sonnen), Uriah Hall (7-2, Team Sonnen), Collin Hart (4-1, Team Jones), TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
TUF 17 Semi-Finalists: TBD, TBD, TBD, TBD
TUF 17 Finalists: TBD versus TBD
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