*Reminder* No Episode of Ringside Report Radio on June 29th – Ringside Report + Wrestling Uncensored

As a reminder for those who were unable to listen to Ringside Report Radioon Wednesday June 27th, 2012 which featured our interviews with UFC 148’s Ivan Menjivar, Patrick Coté and his wrestling coach David Zilberman, as well as Instinct MMA’s Brandon Thatch and Radu Spinghel (Now available for download)
We at Ringside Report Radio stated during this episode that we’ll be unable to have a live show on Friday June 29th, 2012 because both Dave Simon and Kevin McKough’s attendance of Instinct MMA 4 which takes place at the same time. We at Ringside Report Radio would like to apologize for the inconvenience to our loyal fan base, who must wait until Wednesday July 4th, 2012 for MMA Talk; but our Pro Wrestling Fans need not worry as Wrestling Uncensored will air Saturday June 30th at 10pm on TSN Radio 990 as scheduled.
Although, Ringside Report Radio will not be heard on July 29th, we will by covering Instinct MMA 4 with live round-by-round coverage of the event on www.ringsidereport.net and tweeting results during the event. Please follow Dave Simon(@davesimonmma) & Kevin McKough (@TheKevinMMA) and search Hashtag #InstinctMMA4 to get your results as they happen.
Instinct MMA 4 card:
Brandon Thatch vs Martin Grandmont
Luke Caudillo vs Thierry Quenneville
Radu Spinghel vs. Oulmoudéné Najebe
Derek Parker vs. Strahinja Gavrilovic
Cody Donovan vs. Peter Nolan
Kevin Lee vs. Mansour Barnaoui
Scott Marckini vs. Pascal Chanbodie
Dave DeLorenzi vs. Rémy Bussières
Jason Riley vs. Christ Franck
Cédric Mongeon vs. Guy Poulin
Michael Karkula vs. Lloyd Galindo
Gerald Lewis vs. Frank Marques