Jay Cutler Undisputed Bodybuilding DVD review

Arms larger than your head, a back wider than most door frames, and god-like abs shows all who watch Jay Cutler’s Undisputed Bodybuilding DVD that he deserved to win back his Mr. Olympia title in 2009.
In this two-disc DVD set, Cutler shows you his workout regime before and after his quest for a third Mr. Olympia title. Unlike other workout DVDs that follow around bodybuilders in their daily life, Cutler gets right to what the customer paid to see. Split up into arms, legs, chest & abs, shoulders and back chapters, each workout ends off with Cutler giving you a rundown of each exercise he did and how it gives him a larger than life body.
The workouts are all done in black and white in either California or Las Vegas. The first segment which is arms starts off with a music video of the California lifestyle and then goes right into Cutler explaining his arms routine. The audio is terrible throughout every workout as there is music playing in the gym and you hear almost every noise at once making it extremely difficult to hear what Cutler is saying. Cutler’s explanations become a bit clearer and easier to hear on Disc 2, but you still need to pay close attention.
For the Olympia, Cutler changed up his training and did not focus on lifting heavy (for him), instead he started counting reps and made the most of having a spotter on hand. Cutler pushes to get 12 reps during his triceps & biceps workout, but with back he does focus on heavier weights with low reps in order for his muscle density to shoot out. Like an upside down Christmas tree is exactly what Cutler was going for and got when you see him max out on deadlifts and his modified dumbell rows.
Cutler’s workout is a great example of how cheating in certain techniques can really help you grow in mass. During his bicep curls, Cutler is using a lot of his back, but he explains that it is more important to curl all the way up in order for the bicep to really come out, many do not do curl high resulting in less defined and large biceps. Cutler’s shoulders routine is phenomenal and shows how shoulders can really make a difference towards your look when you target certain areas that he shows you.
Bonus material features a very long interview with French fashion designer Christian Audigier who sponsors Cutler. You get a look inside Cutler’s home as he plays with his dogs, does some step-climbing, and Cutler explains how his meal schedule works along with his personal assistant. The last bonus is an intriguing look in how Cutler met his physical therapist and how his therapist helped him recover from a difficult injury. All the extras are in colour. 
No doubt bodybuilding fans will get a lot of ideas and tons of motivation watching Cutler working out. For those that are purely interested in watching a high quality workout you get your money’s worth in this DVD set. However, you will have to bear with some frustrating audio quality especially during the rare moments that Cutler talks during his workout.
Jay Cutler Undisputed Bodybuilding
Released on May 3, 2011
Runtime of 187 minutes