GSP speaks on Alistair Overeem drug-test failure: "It's bad for him, bad for the sport." – Ringside Report + Wrestling Uncensored

Montreal,Quebec-UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre spoke about Alistair Overeem’s recent drug-test failure and random drug testing in MMA. St-Pierre has faced steroid accusations in the past, most notably from B.J. Penn after Penn was defeated by GSP for a second time. St-Pierre says he welcomes random drug testing and would even welcome tougher testing for MMA.
“I just heard this morning. I heard this morning that Overeem got caught with high levels of testosterone,” St-Pierre said at a press conference to announce a new sponsorship deal with 888 Poker. “I’ve met Overeem some times. We’ve crossed paths because of media conference. He’s a very nice person but I don’t know him personally. I don’t know what he does and where he trains and stuff.”
“I just don’t know. It’s his thing. If he got caught doing it, it’s bad for him, bad for the sport,” said St-Pierre. “I think they should do more random tests. I think it’s the case… I think it was a random test.”
St-Pierre says that because the sport is just starting to become profitable, more people will seek to gain an unfair advantage to reach the upper echelon. “I think they should do that more (random drug tests). Because, the thing is, you see it a lot, from the Olympic games to every major sport. Our sport is relatively very young,” St-Pierre said. “Before you didn’t have a lot of money in mixed-martial-arts but now it’s become very popular. The more money there is involved in a sport, the more things like that will happen. People want the money and they want to be number one. They want to do everything to achieve their goals. So, I think they should do more random tests.”
While speaking in French, St-Pierre affirmed his desire for purity in his sport and his desire to always have a fair fight. “As an athlete, we don’t want to fight someone who has an unfair advantage or is cheating. I work hard to be where I am and I want it to be a fair fight. I want my opponent to work hard too and for the best man to win. I don’t want any injustice when I enter the octagon,” said St-Pierre.
Nevada is the only state to offer out-of-competition drug testing for MMA competitors. Overeem’s drug-test failure was part of the random out-of-competition tests executed by the state. Overeem was tested on March 27 in anticipation of his scheduled May 26 bout for the UFC heavyweight championship versus Junior Dos Santos. Despite, Nevada’s dedication to out-of-competition drug testing, they remain the only state or province to do so. Something St-Pierre hopes is rectified for the many fights that take place outside of Nevada. “We’ll see in the future what’s gonna happen. But me, I’m up for it. I think it should be like that. Random tests, more often,” said St-Pierre.