ECW-October 27-Results


ECW starts off this week introducing new announcer Bryon Sexton as Matt Striker has gone to Smackdown due to the recent illness of Jim Ross.

Abraham Washington show with ECW GM Tiffany. Abe wants to know why ECW wasn’t on Bragging Rights. Tiffany says next year. She says Sheamus asked to go to RAW but still has to end the feud with Shelton Benjamin tonight. Regal comes out wanting a title shot. Tiffany says no, Regal destroys the set.
1st match- Shelton Benjamin VS. Sheamus- Shelton says before the match that Sheamus will learn respect. Shelton dominates Sheamus with power and speed before we go to break and when we come back Shelton is working Sheamus’s arm. However, Sheamus turns the tables and works over Shelton’s arm. Shelton comes back with a belly to belly and a splash in the corner. Both reverse each other until Sheamus nails his jumping kick for the win.
Winner- Sheamus
Rosa Mendez and Gregory Helms flirting with each other until the Burchills show up. Paul wants to end the feud with Hurricane next week. Christian interviewed about wrestling Yoshi Tatsu. Christian says Yoshi will learn how to take a loss.
2nd match- ECW Title Match- Christian VS. Yoshi Tatsu- Yoshi gets a bit of an advantage with kicks, Christian gets an advantage with some chain wrestling as they stand off before the commericals.
Christian in control, nails a big reverse DDT. Yoshi comes back with a spin kick for two. Christian goes for Killswitch, blocked as Yoshi gets two. Christian goes for Killswitch again, blocked but still tries it and gets the third time for the win.
Winner- Christian
After match Regal and his court beat down Yoshi and Christian.
Quick Results:
Sheamus def. Shelton Benjamin
Christian def. Yoshi Tatsu to retain ECW title