The Mummy review

A great action-packed adventure movie, The Mummy, gets lost in explaining Universal’s Dark Universe series, taking it from a potential summer hit to a decent watch.

Except for one small easy to miss reference moment, this film does not follow, continue or re-imagine The Mummy series Brendan Fraser starred in. Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, a cunning solider trying to loot treasure in Iraq when he accidentally stumbles upon a prison tomb.

Nick is cursed when The Mummy (Sofia Boutella) is revived causing never-ending chaos for Nick and all around him. In 3D it is breathtaking to watch the cool action and creepy at times as The Mummy sucks the life out of people.

However, Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe) shows up and ruins everything.

The action ride comes to a grinding halt as Jekyll tells us how there are monsters of great evil all over the world. Universal having their own superhero flicks in response to Marvel and DC. Perhaps at the end of this movie, the explanation could have worked. Smack right in the middle killed the momentum, the suspense and if it was not for Cruise’s charisma the ending would not mean much.

Mainly a serious movie, yet there are times when it feels like the writing and fighting is channeling Army of Darkness with goofy one-liners in deadly combat.

The action scenes were too good to say this is a waste of time in theatres. If you love explosions and danger around every corner this is a lot of fun to watch. Storytelling could have been better, it is easy to lose interest when they are trying to explain too much all at once.

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