Fifty Shades Darker review

She consents as he chains her up, spanks her aggressively, places objects inside of her for extra arousal, but she cannot touch him and that is the main issue in the new film, Fifty Shades Darker.

The issue I met in the theatre was a member of The Beat 92.5 criticizing (think Dave Simon’s voice but a little more feminine) the males for attending. Is it because the story is mainly from a female’s perspective or when it results in sex toys and complicated relationship problems guys tune out?

Anyways, I’m a bit pissed off before I watched this.

Thankfully the entertainment delivered. Anastasia (played by Dakota Johnson) deciding she is going to give her ex Christian (played by Jamie Dornan) a second try, is a slow build towards her accepting Christian’s dominant sexual antics. There are past Christian lovers that want her dead, her creepy boss (played by Eric Johnson) seems like he is just waiting to rape her, and Christian’s mysterious past keep the drama almost always on a high.

Although the amount of explicit sex scenes can be distracting for the story direction, it is the main selling point of this movie. I was amazed and shocked to see how far they can go with an R rating. It is one thing to see Christian put a good chunk of his face in her butt, it is another to tie her up and flip her around like she was nothing.

Red Green said it best, “I’m a man, but I can change. If I have to, I guess…” Christian tries to change, has problems opening up, cannot change some parts, deal with it Anastasia.

Recommended for couples, but also for those who enjoy twisted relationships with kinky results. I did not see the first one, but it was not difficult to feel for these established characters and piece together what already transpired.




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