Ride Along 2 review


Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return to their buddy cop roles featuring ridiculous over-the-top comedy, sexy women and lackluster action scenes in Universal Pictures’ latest release, Ride Along 2.

This time around the cops go to Miami to investigate the supplier of the drugs coming into Atlanta. If it goes south, Ben (Hart) is off the force. James (Ice Cube) is encouraged by this stipulation to have Ben tag along. Ben is also trying to plan for his impending wedding to James’ sister, Angela (Tika Sumpter) with the help of a wedding planner (Sherri Sheperd).

In Miami, the guys find a hacker, A.J. (Ken Jeong) who witnessed the murder of the port commissioner committed by Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt) the man who is the drug dealer the brothers in-law are looking for. After a bunch of gags between A.J. and Ben and a car chase that turns into a video game, they finally concoct a plan to bring down Pope.

It has been two years since the original and the sequel feels like the first redone with little additions. Sadly after two films Cube and Hart already feel like a tired act with jokes that come off annoying than funny. Hart is difficult to take seriously and that limits the amount of emotions he can make you feel for him. He comes off like an idiot taking away any drama a scene might have. Even the serious Cube cannot counter balance the weirdness.

Only recommended to those that actually laughed and enjoyed the first one.




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