The Hundred-Foot Journey Blu-ray review

Two restaurants, Indian and French, go to extreme lengths competing against each while their chefs-in-training create a romantic bond in a film produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, The Hundred-Foot Journey.

A political riot caused the Kadam family to flee to London. Due to the horrible housing area and poor vegetables for cooking they move again to France. There they discover the perfect place to bring Indian cuisine to the French, problem is they got a snobby holier than thou proprietress Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) with a Michelin-starred French restaurant across the street trying to crush their dream.

Somewhat of a culture clash except they keep the majority of the language in English. Except for one moment in the French restaurant where Mallory asked for an English translation when it is clear everyone there was French. Appeasing the majority audience but destroying the veil of realism.

Complaints are filed, buying out all the fish and mushrooms, and a bit of violence goes down between the two sides. Meanwhile, Hassan (Manish Dayal) the star cook of the Kadam becomes infatuated with the sous-chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon). They share their love of cooking with each other until eventually giving into biological urges. A new conflict arises as Hassan wants to work for Mallory.

Blu-ray extras feature a sit-down conversation with Spielberg and Winfrey talking about their first time working together in 30 years and a detailed segment on how to make coconut chicken.

Odd story with good acting, great landscapes, the cultural differences are entertaining and educational. This movie can make you hungry with all the food made and devoured.

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom

122 minutes

Available today



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