Planes: Fire & Rescue Blu-ray combo pack review

With his ability to race in jeopardy, Dusty Crophopper attempts to become an aerial firefighter despite causing more trouble than helping in, Planes: Fire & Rescue, available in blu-ray combo pack.

The cast of Planes returns in this all-new feature film, but instead of focusing on Dusty (Dane Cook) trying to win another race, something inside of Dusty stops working on him while in the air. Dusty survives a near fatal crash, but is informed his gearbox needs to be replaced. Problem is that it is obsolete and there is no way to fix him. He can never race again.

Frustrated and in an effort to prove he can still race, Dusty makes an unexpected night takeoff to show he can still do it. Instead he nearly crashes and causes a fire to break out. A safety truck informs everyone if fire regulations are not satisfied the hangar will be shut down. Due to the guilt he feels Dusty attempts to become a certified firefighting plane to appease the safety requirements.

Dusty has trouble learning the techniques taught to him by Blade (Ed Harris). Following orders, procedures and the importance on safety are heavily pushed. Not surprising as the film starts off with a dedication message to firefighters that have and currently risk their lives to save lives. Better than the original in many ways. A story that does not feel like Cars and despite Dusty being an accomplished hero he can still make mistakes. It is a different adventure but more enjoyable as the issues are a bit more serious allowing the comedy to ease the drama.

Filled with special features keeping you entertained for a bit of time as they are all short. Unfortunately no director’s commentary in this release.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

DisneyToon & Walt Disney Animation Studios

84 minutes



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