Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition review

Relive the classic Disney fantasy tale with Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition, now in Blu-ray HD and has new deleted scenes that tell of a completely different version with a deleted character.

Loaded with extra content and featuring the original 75-minute film remastered with greater detail on backgrounds and landscapes. Maleficent casting a spell of pending doom on Princess Aurora while three fairies pretend to be her aunts does not go down like the live action movie did. Prince Philip ends up as the main hero after his brief encounter with Aurora causes him to fall in love with her.

As shown in the bonus features, it is a fairy-tale that modern flicks criticize and poke fun at for being so distant and far-fetched from how people actually are. Suited for fans of the original, or if you enjoy watching classical animation. While Maleficent is highlighted heavy in the extras, there is nothing but a trailer when it comes to the movie starring the dark fairy.

The three new scenes are a rough draft of moments that are major and slight modifications to the tale. Different approaches to Maleficent’s entrance and Aurora getting led to the spinning wheel are two of them. The third one entitled “The Fair” is a what if Aurora stayed locked in the castle scenario. As can be expected, Aurora dreams of being free from her shielded imprisonment and eventually gets the opportunity to sneak away to a fair. In this scenario Maleficent enlists the services of a Vulture that is trying to find a better use than what he is. Pretty much a comedy character.

Disney will only have Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition available for a limited time before it goes back in their vault for a long time. If you are thinking about purchasing it do not hesitate.


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