The Official Fight Promoter Playbook review – Ringside Report + Wrestling Uncensored

Creating a million or billion dollar sports franchise from scratch is daunting yet in the fight world Tony Shultz believes the market is ripe for the taking in his new book, The Official Fight Promoter Playbook.

Shultz, who has been around boxing since he was eight years old, has released his second of five book series. This is considered the blueprints to creating your own fight promotion as Shultz gives you every bit of information, seating charts, sponsorship proposals, forms, and much more. Who you need to get, who you have to deal with, the supplies you need, it’s all covered. The information is the same used by top Vegas fight promoters today.

Before you are looking through the blueprints, Shultz gives you guidelines, motivation, and strategies in order to make your business successful. Shultz stresses market research and social media awareness as vital for getting your fan base established. This section feels generic to any business starting up but all are necessary and needs to be taken into consideration if you are truly serious about this. Less than 20 pages, but a part of the book that is just as important as the rest.

Besides the important data contained in this read, Shultz states you also need fighters. He could easily write another book on trying to pull that off. Creating new stars has become a major problem in all forms of combat. Shultz gives an example of a home team and how they are able to sell out. Creating a hero or heroes along with villains is a great way to spark interest, but you also need fighters that deliver what fans are craving. Easier said than done.

If you have aspirations to get into the fight game business you are helping yourself greatly by picking this up. So many mistakes and blunders can be avoided by having this by your side.

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