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ElysiumDamonBigPosterNew590JuneThe data in a dying man has the potential to save an entire world from the rich French snobs in the distant future on the world looking down on Earth known as Elysium.

Matt Damon stars as Max, an anti-authority factory worker who is frustrated with his status in society. He looks up at Elysium as a paradise that is just out of reach. One day in the year 2154, in the near ruined Earth, Max is involved in a work accident that leaves him exposed to highly toxic radiation. Max is given five days to live with medication leaving him weak through his final hours.

In a desperate attempt to flee to Elysium and use one of their healing pods, Max undertakes a business deal with the underground leader Spider (Wagner Moura) to capture some important data from Delacourt (Jodie Foster) that she is transporting, information that can wipe the system at Elysium clean, making everyone on Earth citizens of Elysium. With the data stuck inside Max, Delacourt sends her henchmen, led by Kruger (Sharlto Copley) to use whatever means necessary to retrieve the stolen property. A little bit of romance is thrown in as the love interest of Max, Frey (Alice Braga) has a sick daughter who needs a healing pod or she will die.

If you enjoyed the visual effects of District 9 you will be satisfied with the gritty backgrounds, cool robot fights, and a lot of camera movements. Damon is a strong lead character, while Foster starts off as a strong villain she is overpowered by the performance of Copley as Kruger. You really believe he is a complete psycho with his mannerisms and random change of emotions. Fans of the movie Oblivion will feel a slight resemblance when it comes to the plot and setting. Unlike the Tom Cruise flick this one does not drag on with false finishes and twists, simple spectacular action come the end.

Elysium is a solid sci-fi experience, easily the best of it’s kind this summer. You’re getting a thrill-ride with intriguing character build keeping you emotional invested until the very end. It’s difficult to pull off, but this movie did it and made it look cool.


Rated R

Sony Pictures

Directed and written by Neil Blomkamp

Run time of 109 minutes

In theatres now



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