UFC: Benson Henderson Rising Up DVD review

91-PW-QJ-UL._AA1500_An incredible jumping kick off a cage was the greatest setback in the fighting career of Benson Henderson, ironically it was a kick of his own that gave him a distinct advantage in his championship win.

Relive the rise of Henderson in the Ultimate Fighting Championship new Ultimate 2-disc DVD release, Benson Henderson: Rising Up. Starting back from the last bout in the WEC where he broke down in tears following losing his championship in front of his hometown fans to Anthony Pettis. Henderson’s brother believes it was the highlight reel kick Pettis delivered that cost Henderson the fight.

Henderson has never received a rematch, but he found his way back to champion status when he made an impactful start in the UFC.

It did not take long before Henderson faced off with Frankie Edgar for the UFC Lightweight Title. If you watch the entire fight, it’s debatable on who won the fight, but the 40-minute plus documentary only focuses on parts where Henderson was in control. An upkick that busted the face and nose of Edgar is looked at as the main offence strike that helped give Henderson the edge in the eyes of the judges.

Henderson’s family life is also a main feature of the doc, Henderson’s love for his mom, his brother explaining how they did not get along growing up but are now closer than ever, and how Henderson was able to take the negative effects his father had in his life and became stronger in spite of it. Watching Henderson talk at a youth centre, throw out the opening pitch at a Arizona Diamondbacks game, it’s a different look that fans do not usually see from a man that wants to be better than Anderson Silva.

Albeit a short featurette on Disc 1, if you’re a big Henderson fan or missed out on some of his early fights this DVD is a great watch. 12 fights from his days in the WEC and now in the UFC, from battling Shane Roller to defending his title against Nate Diaz, you definitely get to see Henderson at his best in the cage.

UFC: Benson Henderson Rising Up

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada

Run time of 285 minutes

In stores now


Fight listing–

VS. Anthony Njokunai WEC 38

VS. Shane Roller WEC 40

VS. Donald Cerrone WEC 43

VS. Jaime Varner WEC 46

VS. Donald Cerrone WEC 48

VS. Anthony Pettis WEC 53

VS. Mark Bocek UFC 129

VS. Jim Miller UFC Live

VS. Clay Guida UFC on Fox

VS. Frankie Edgar UFC 144

VS. Frankie Edgar UFC 150

VS. Nate Diaz UFC on Fox

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