WWE: The Epic Journey of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson DVD review

The Rock is back wrestling in the ring and will main event at WrestleMania 28, but before the big show fans can relive his entire career in The Epic Journey of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 3-disc DVD set.

Starting from his days watching his grandfather and father wrestling to when he delivered his Rock Bottom finishing maneuver to John Cena at Survivor Series 2011, WWE covers all of The Rock’s trials and accomplishments with key individuals giving their thoughts on The Rock. His mom, his ex-wife, Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp, HHH, CM Punk, Vince McMahon, Cena, and many others share their views on how The Rock became one of the most entertaining performers not only in the WWE, but in all of entertainment.

Ron Simmons admits that The Rock completely sucked at being a good guy when he started because a lot of what The Rock said at the time was not really him. Once The Rock joined The Nation he was able to come out of his shell and start to become the star Pat Patterson and Jim Ross knew he was going to be. Entering into a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin and main eventing two WrestleManias put The Rock into legendary status in WWE history. The battle for the top spot is debated as Austin took a jab at Rock when he gave him an autograph stating Austin was #1.

The match listing is 10, regardless of what is stated inside the DVD, as a match between The Rock and HHH from an episode of RAW in 1998 is not on any of the DVDs. You do get to see The Rock’s debut match at Survivor Series 1996 and quite possibly one of his best matches ever when he faced HHH in a Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. While Rock-Hogan at WrestleMania 18 is featured heavily in the documentary on the first disc, only their rematch from Montreal is shown. Fans of hardcore wrestling definitely need to check out The I Quit Match between Rock and Mankind at the Royal Rumble 1999 for the WWE Championship. Mankind taking chair shots while handcuffed is one of the most difficult moments to watch as blood flows freely while a psychotic Rock shows absolutely no sympathy.

WWE: The Epic Journey of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

rated PG-14

eOne Films

Released on Feb. 21, 2012

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