Red Tails movie review

Star Wars-like air battles in World War II, battling the adversities of being coloured in a white man’s war, only two of many compelling reasons to check out the new action film Red Tails.

Based on true events, a group of African American pilots situated in 1944 Italy are given flight missions that never sees them in heart of the battlefield. ‘Easy’ (Nate Parker), ‘Lightning’ (David Oyelowo), ‘Joker’ (Elijah Kelley) and ‘Junior’ (Tristan Wilds), is the Red Tails squad focused on throughout. Easy is the leader of the group, but Lightning is the best pilot and likes to do his own thing.

Easy and Lighting are best friends, but they are at odds with each other due to Lightning not respecting authority. Lightning’s carefree lifestyle leads him to a beautiful woman Sofia (Daneila Ruah) who he falls deeply in love with despite their different languages. Lightning also discovers that military bars are off limits to negros. Lightning does not take that well and ends up in a fight nearly canning all of the Red Tails.

Eventually, thanks to the persistence of Colonel A.J. Bullard (Terrence Howard), the Red Tails finally get a chance to prove themselves. Executive producer George Lucas delivers in the CG fighter battle graphics. Fast-paced and explosive best describes all the action. The Red Tails are nearly unstoppable against the Germans, though their own personal demons put them in serious risk.

At times the lines can be cheesy, but can also be funny and inspirational. The emotional roller coaster of friends battling each other and the racial tension runs high. Many times the air battles seem unrealistic as the Red Tails defeat so many enemies without losing a single old plane. Fun for the fights in the air, but the story can be silly and goofy at times.

Red Tails

20th Century Fox

Run time of 121 minutes

In theatres now



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