Pokémon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS review

Over 600 Pokémon in one of the most addictive gaming experiences in the history of the franchise’s existence make Pokémon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS worth picking up this holiday season.

The complete version of Pokémon Rumble, Pokémon Rumble Blast delivers a full gaming experience this time around. With a complete story mode, co-op adventure mode, and two battle mode options this version gives so much more than the free version on Wiiware.  The main story begins with your Mii winding up a Pokémon toy and dropping it into the toy world. In this world you start battling along a high tower eventually fighting against the Pokémon White cover creature Zekrom. You cannot win this fight. Following the loss you land in Toy Town and agree to help find their missing Glowdrops, which are part of the healing fountain they use to survive.

After travelling to many areas and following many possible leads, you team up with the thief Cobalion. As you progress in the game, you discover Cobalion is actually trying to use the Glowdrops to save the world from a cataclysm and defeat the real threat known as Dark Rust.

Catching toy Pokémon is not how you assemble your team as you have to befriend them by defeating them in combat first. Unlike most Pokemon games where there are four attacks each toy Pokemon only have two attacks and the power of those attacks are based on how much their star power is. The controls are basic A & B button mash style making it easy for novice gamers, but you can increase the difficulty of the world once you have beaten the game. Graphics and cut scenes are done in a cute toon style. The 3D effects of the 3DS really show how impressive the handheld can be as it is a huge improvement from the first release.

The new Battle Rumble mode pits you against waves of enemies until you’re the last one standing. Fun if you like to play just the battles. The new charge battles where you stampede with a group of Pokémon through enemies adds a nice variety to your gaming options without even getting into the multiplayer options.

This Pokémon title is a nice change of pace from the original Pokémon formula. There is quite a bit of replay value with collecting Pokémon, legendary boss battles, and the Mii toy store that can help you unlock legendary Pokémon. With all the exciting releases made by Nintendo this winter season, this one should not be disregarded. Nintendo continues their success of releasing top quality titles on the 3DS with this one.

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