WWE 12 game review



WWE 12 delivers with perhaps the best wrestling game ever made. The roster is extensive and the match customization and create modes are excellent. The game-play is far more realistic than any other WWE game and the cinematic cameras make the game look like you’re watching WWE television.

The Road to Wrestlemania story mode has you play as three different Superstars, Sheamus, Triple H and finally a created character named Jacob Cass. The story lines are interesting in the Road to Wrestlemania mode and the cut-scenes provide for some entertainment. The Road to Wrestlemania mode will help you unlock some Superstars as you progress through the stories of each character. The WCW invasion story line is particularly fun to play through and provides for a few un-lockable characters and the Monday Nitro arena. The WWE Universe mode has pre-made Raw, Smackdown and pay-per-view matches for you to play through and also contains some un-lockable content.

The matches are all customizable in exhibition mode and stipulations can be added to make for a more interesting game-play. For instance, a match can be made 2 out of 3 falls in virtually any setting. So you can have a triple threat, 2 out of 3 falls match in a Hell in a Cell, which is pretty cool too. Ladder matches, Elimination Chamber, Extreme Rules matches and others that were in previous games are also available to play.

The game-play itself is similar to the other THQ-WWE games but is more realistic. The wrestlers don’t stay down for a long time like they did in previous games making matches more even-paced. The roster is vast with newer Superstars like Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan along with legends that are available to unlock like Kevin Nash, Vader and Demolition.

The Road to Wrestlemania modes and WWE Universe will keep you occupied for hours and the exhibition matches are lots of fun to play with friends. This game is a must-get for any wrestling fan.

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