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The fear of an eventual financial crisis drives an investment bank featuring an all-star Hollywood cast to scramble wildly throughout an entire night for answers in the upcoming drama entitled Margin Call.

Based off the recent recession the world has felt and is still experiencing, the flick picks up with huge layoffs. Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) has the unfortunate task of having many of his people let go, which includes Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci). Dale was working on a project that foresaw dark days for everyone involved. Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto from TV’s Heroes) is given the work from Dale that allows Rogers and his colleagues to realize they need to act on the crisis approaching. Rogers brings out all the top executives in the company for an all night and early morning emergency meeting. Simon Baker, Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons are among the top stars that all play a part in dealing with the financial turmoil.

The suspense in this movie is not over violence or amazing 3D effects, but much like in the Ides of March, strong persuasive language and the body language between the actors is the main excitement. The ugly side of business, with the cutthroat robotic faces that could not care about human life whatsoever. The talk Spacey and Irons have near the end shows that the all-mighty dollar means more to individuals than creating a better world. Also very true to many corporations is that many higher-ups do not even understand the language of their own business and need to be told like a child in order to understand what they company does.

Do not go to this movie if you’re expecting a happy ending or for the good guys to beat their villains. The lives of those that lose or fear for their employment are not considered important except for Spacey. The business is the main focus and the end all be all for those living to pay their mortgage, their cars, their house and all the expensive hookers they pick up along the way. Hookers are only talked about, but not featured.

Margin Call

Rated R

Directed and written by J.C. Chandor

Alliance Films

Runtime of 107 minutes

In Canadian theatres this Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 


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