Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 for Nintendo DS review

Over 300 monsters to battle, collect, and breed from almost every Dragon Quest game ever made is the main attraction to the new Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 for Nintendo DS.

The story picks up with the hero hiding in a crate as a smuggler on an airship. Discovered by a monster, you must pay your fare as a deckhand, introducing you to the first few characters. After a sudden crash you awake on an island and must use skills as a monster scout to gain monsters to help you get through the island and find all the passengers.

This is a classic turn-based style role-playing game that plays a lot like Dragon Quest games. However, this time around you can combine your monsters once they reach a high enough level. You control three monsters at a time with three monsters also in your reserves. While the use of every monster from the series is impressive, there are still more impressive monsters to battle–boss monsters can take up the entire two screens on the DS. With the emphasis now on abilities, having similar monsters will not create an equal fight as their skills and weaknesses can be completely different.

This game is a bit more complex for monster hunting compared to games like Pokemon. Low health does not mean you’re going to catch a monster in this game, it depends on your having a high level and if the monster is angry. There are also effects to not catching a monster as it can become tougher to fight. Skills and abilities come in handy to catching and can make the game quite easily if you build up your monster right. The game also heavily pushes you to combine your monsters as they have the potential to be stronger with a better skill set.

Without question you will need to do a lot of training in order to get far and complete the story. Far from the best Dragon Quest title ever made, but definitely a fun different experience with nice plot twists and graphics that kept true to the series. The ability to keep playing on and training your monsters once the credits are over should keep the demand for friend battles online for quite a while.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2


Released on Sept. 19

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