Jesse James American Outlaw autobiography review

Cheating on Sandra Bullock, a troubled childhood, security work for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, being a reality TV star and so much more explored in the autobiography, Jesse James American Outlaw.

While James is descriptive and detailed on many of his early life experiences, breaking the heart of ‘American’s Sweetheart’ is short and mostly vague on the reasoning.

James starts off the book taking his children to school trying to shield them from the paparazzi. James quickly reminisces on how growing up in a troubled abusive home made him into a young thief that eventually started to steal cars and rob stores. James did not let anyone walk over him as he nearly beat to death the senior quarterback when he first joined the squad. James was not a bully, but his friend Bobby pushed him into evil deeds.

After winning the heart of the first love of his life, Rhonda, James was slowly on his way to making to play football in college. However, Bobby sold out James on one of their heists and James went to juvie instead, losing all his scholarships and acceptance opportunities. James went through a dark period in this time. However, he battled on and used the skills he learned in life to survive.

Following meeting the right people, James was doing security work for punk bands and alternative bands like Nirvana. After meeting his first wife Karla, James soon found his true passion–making choppers and creating a business of it.

James became too involved in his reality show, Monster Garage, and soon lost his marriage. James did find love again with porn star Janine Lindemulder and added another child to the two he had with Karla. However, his marriage with Lindemulder was highlighted with screaming matches, lies and a tragical violent end. Although James said he was not looking to marry for a third time, when Bullock stepped into his life he could not stop thinking about her.

Fans of James’ reality TV show career and those interested in his troubled early life will love this book as the real dirt and shocking material is focusing on those subjects. Fans looking for why he ruined his marriage to Bullock will be disappointed as in the end he gives poor excuses in order to repair his damaged reputation. No details or conversations are mentioned with the first or other women he slept with. The lack of information at the end is very surprising considering how in-depth he is on the rest of his life and how he seemed to mature from his rebellious ways.

Jesse James American Outlaw

By Jesse James with Sam Benjamin

Simon and Schuster

Released on May 3, 2011

368 pp.


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