Fit in Six for Nintendo Wii review

Flat chest with a six pack, defined triceps and biceps, gaining muscle mass, increased stamina and flexibility, all possible with the aid of Ubisoft’s video game release Fit In Six.

Playing your video game console and developing a fit toned body was considered laughable years ago, however games like Fit In Six continue to revolutionize the gaming workout phenomenon.

The game focuses on six different workout categories; balance, cardio, flexibility, core, lower and upper body strength. Depending on what you’re interested in exercising, the game contains a plethora of workouts all with their own points and challenges. If you’re looking to do upper body strength endurance, the game will give you an exercise like tricep push-ups. A character will be placing the middle of the screen showing you the proper technique. A counter is then placing on the side to see how many you can do along with an intensity meter. 

Like a workout home video you follow the leader as there is no need to press buttons or move around with the Wii-mote during the exercise. The Wii-mote is only used to interact with the main menu and choose what workout you want to do. There is no body tracking as it is up to the user to be truthful with their accomplishments and staying true to the proper form.

Fit In Six does use personal information to help monitor your goals. The game asks for your age, height, weight and your fitness goal. The difference from a workout video is that the game keeps your stats and gives you ideas for what exercises you should attempt. The trainer dialogue is a great feature to a console that generally does not feature many voice-overs. Not having to read everything the trainer says makes it easier to focus on the exercise set especially when the trainer is giving advice during reps.

The ability to have a small warm-up, a 30-plus minute workout and over 50 types of exercise options will definitely keep anyone busy for a long time. As with any type of workout regime, consult a physician before trying this game as the intensity of this workout can hurt you more than help you if your body has not been exercising for a long period of time. The highest level of intensity can be difficult even for athletes.

This game is highly recommended for those with little experience in working out that fear the social aspect of a gym. The yoga, kickboxing, strength and conditioning exercises can all be accomplished slowly before one builds towards a higher level. The lack of body tracking is disappointing, but as long as you stay committed and keep up with your regime you can easily stay fit and in shape with these workouts.

Fit in Six


Available for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3

Released on Mar. 15, 2011


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