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Kaval got one chance to showcase his talents and took full advantage of the opportunity nailing an impressive array of aerial attacks and brutal kicks that left his opponent with a bloody nose at Survivor Series 2010.

World Wrestling Entertainment recently released Kaval from his contract, making his Intercontinental Title match against Dolph Ziggler his only WWE pay-per-view appearance and only the second time he has appeared on a WWE DVD. Kaval was a rare talent that demonstrating an unorthodox style of quickness and lethal footwork in the WWE. Kaval’s rare performance at Survivor Series gives the event a special prestige that does not even include all the other highlights.

Daniel Bryan started the event with once again another strong performance. Bryan defended the WWE United States Championship against Ted Dibiase in one of Dibiase’s best singles matches in recent memory. The beginning of the John Morrison and Sheamus feud was featured as they squared off in a competitive affair in the second match on the card. Morrison has started to show a more aggressive side that has helped him battle giants like Sheamus.

The traditional Survivor Series match had a lot of character in it, as there many moments where the action stopped so the characters could explain the stories they were telling while the match took place. Dashing Cody Rhodes having a fit and storming out of the ring to check on his face in the mirror was one of those many moments. In the end a fun match to watch and a different flow compared to the Bragging Rights elimination match. Natalya finally becoming a champion in WWE is another special highlight at this event.

The World Heavyweight Championship match against Edge and Kane was centred around Edge kidnapping Kane’s father Paul Bearer, but Bearer is not shown at all at Survivor Series. The conflict between the two is not resolved at this event, but Edge is able to give Kane a bit of his own medicine when it comes to being wicked. The main attraction for Survivor Series was the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett with John Cena as the ref. More emphasis was put on what Cena would do as the stipulations stated that if Barrett does not win the title Cena is fired. After Cena makes his choice and hugs people around the arena, he does one more walk around the arena after the PPV went off the air.

For fans that felt cheapen by the title change that happened on Monday Night RAW the next night, WWE does make up for it on the DVD as they include the entire main event segment that led to The Miz cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase to shockingly become WWE Champion for the first time. This RAW segment is the only DVD extra.

Survivor Series 2010 was one of the biggest events for WWE in 2010 and did not disappoint in leaving an impact that continues to be felt as the road to WrestleMania starts.

WWE: Survivor Series 2010

Rated: PG

Entertainment One

Run time of about three hours

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