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Controversy reigned supreme at Ultimate Fighting Championship’s UFC 119 pay-per-view event, and now all the drama and shocking outcomes are available in an ultimate two-disc edition along with five hours of exciting bonus footage.

UFC 119 was headlined by the dream mixed martial arts match-up of Frank Mir versus Mirko Cro Cop. These two heavyweights have been considered two of the best fighters in this modern era and with Cro Cop finally coming to the UFC in 2007, the chance to see these two former champions collide was one of great intrigue.

In 2010, the hype for the showdown died a bit—Mir had suffered some major losses and Cro Crop scored victories that were deemed unimpressive compared to his Pride days. Regardless, at the UFC PPV both men just fought on their feet the majority of the fight. Odd considering how both have great ground games. Also odd was Cro Crop barely hitting any of his kicks—his kicks use to knockout opponents—against Mir his kick looked weak. Not only did they stay on their feet most of the fight, but most of the fight featured barely any action and the action you did see was strikes that did not have much power or effort behind them.

Near the end of the fight, with both fighters grappling up next to the cage, you can clearly tell the two are talking to each other and it looks like they are even laughing to each other. When Joe Rogan, a pro-everything-about-UFC commentator is complaining about how boring the fight is, many questions can be raised on if the fighters were truly prepared for this fight. Mir states in the post-fight footage that he was disappointed with his performance.

Lightweights Sean Sherk and Evan Dunham had arguably the best fight at UFC 119, but the ending to the fight is a highly debatable issue; some can say Sherk’s bloody elbow strike and cage control was enough to win the fight, others might see Dunham’s takedowns and near submission victories as more than enough to win it. Watch it and decide for yourself.

UFC 119 also features a beat-down on Matt Serra by Chris Lytle. Fans that could not stand Serra for his war with Georges St-Pierre, will definitely find comfort in Lytle beating down Serra for all three rounds. In the bonus footage showing how Serra got ready for the fight, Serra shows the poster from his first fight with GSP. “There was a rumour about us having a second fight, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” he says. Serra comes across as a caring parent when playing with his daughter and as he receives news of his second daughter on the way. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira against Ryan Bader starts off well for Little Nog, but Bader showed his ability to ride Little Nog to the point that he weared him down, almost scoring a TKO more than once.

The extras on this DVD are great reasons why UFC DVDs are worth buying. Day in the life of Serra, Lytle and Mike Goldberg all help give a unique look at them as they prepare days before fight day. Goldberg going through his production meeting and talking about his relationship on-screen and off with Rogan, shows you how much work the play-by-play position requires. The Matt Hughes commentary on the Serra-Lytle fight and the fighters’ technique demonstrations are neat insights that give you genuine perspectives on MMA.

UFC 119: Mir v. Cro Cop

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada

Run time of 333 minutes


Released on Dec. 7, 2010

UFC 119: Mir v. Cro Cop event bouts

Frank Mir VS. Mirko Cro Cop

Antonio Rogerio Nogueria VS. Ryan Bader

Matt Serra VS. Chris Lytle

Sean Sherk VS. Evan Dunham

Melvin Guillard VS. Jeremy Stephens

Prelim bouts

CB Dolloway VS. Joe Doerksen

Matt Mitrione VS. Joey Beltran

Thiago Tavares VS. Pat Audinwood

Steve Lopez VS. Waylon Lowe

TJ Grant VS. Julio Paulino

Mark Hunt VS. Sean McCorkle

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