The rise of Daniel Bryan as a major superstar continued last month when he delivered a spectacular match in his first pay-per-view title defence against The Miz and John Morrison in a Submissions Count Anywhere match.

World Wrestling Entertainment released Bryan earlier in the year, but since his return he has delivered top quality matches and made it worth buying a WWE PPV as of late. The United States Championship defence at the Hell in a Cell PPV featured not only good wrestling, but high-flying action as well.

Second match on the show was the HIAC match for the WWE Championship as Randy Orton defended against Sheamus. In the best Orton-Sheamus match of 2010, Orton survived a brutal beating from Sheamus. Orton took the fight to Sheamus like no one else has in WWE. The steel steps were highly featured in this match and played a vital role in the end.

Edge’s sudden turn into a good guy again is showcased quite well as he interacts with Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. The match between Edge and Swagger was too random to get invested into. Cena against Barrett was quite the opposite as the fate of Cena and Nexus was on the line. Cena surprisingly showed good wrestling ability in this match. The finish to the match was the most dramatic of all match endings.

The start of a long rivalry between LayCool and Natalya really got going at this PPV. While not much is resolved in the match with Michelle McCool, one could tell this was to let the crowd breathe after Cena’s match. The crowd received yet another shock as Paul Bearer made his return to PPV by backstabbing The Undertaker in his championship rematch against Kane.

The DVD has two exclusives; Cena giving an interview following his match with Barrett and Chris Jericho getting a punt kick from Randy Orton on RAW. Although on the DVD case it states you get the match, it’s really just the RKO, followed by the punt kick and Jericho get stretchered out the building while Orton is about to start a promo you never see finish.

WWE: Hell in a Cell 2010

Rated: PG

Entertainment One

Released on Nov. 2, 2010


Run time of 180 minutes

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