Burlesque movie review

Sexy dancing, exotic outfits, extravagant musical numbers, and all kept within a PG-13 rating, helps make the new Burlesque movie the last great romantic drama of 2010.

Christina Aguilera plays Ali, a small-town girl wanting to become a star. Ali ventures to Los Angeles and stumbles across a burlesque club run by Tess (Cher). Ali works one of the bartenders Jack (Cam Gigandet, The OC) into work as a waitress until finally getting a chance to prove herself to Tess. Rival dancer Nikki (Kristen Bell, Heroes) tries to put down Ali at every chance she gets.

The music in this film is amazing—mainly you get Ali singing most of the songs, but Tess has her moments too—quite possibly the best song in the movie is Cher’s “Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me.” The women’s beautiful skimpy costumes throughout the movie definitely make you feel like you’re watching a burlesque show—Ali’s only pearls dress was stunning. Except for art on the walls and a few butt shots there is no nudity in this film.

You can love the movie for the high quality music and dancing, but also for the superb chemistry between Tess and her partner/more than just a friend Sean (Stanley Tucci, Easy A). Not only does Tucci steal this movie with his dry humour and excellent expressions, his work with Cher in the film is highly entertaining as their twisted romance is kept at bay due to Sean being gay. Peter Gallagher (also from The OC) plays Cher’s ex-husband.

The romance between Jack and Ali is unfortunately not as entertaining. The whole I like you but as a sibling but actually more than that, is cute at first, but ends up coming off unrealistic when Ali runs off to a gay friend instead of the rich guy Marcus (Eric Dane). Whoever wrote that does not understand how relationships work. Also, a little hard to believe that Ali is an amazing star without any real training whatsoever.

Burlesque is a good movie for couples and fans of spectacular musicals. Aguilera and Cher will blow you away with the music and Tucci delivers the laughs that will leave with you a good feeling when you leave the theatre.


Directed & written by Steve Antin

Rated PG-13

Distributed by Screen Gems

In theatres now

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