The Pit Master Workout: Skills and Drills DVD review

You’ll probably have a hard time finding someone you can shadow box with like Olympic gold medallist Howard Davis, however, you can still feel the complete body burn of this featured 45-minute intense workout.

Make sure your body can handle this before attempting.

One of six workout DVDs in The Pit Workout – Master Boxset, designed to get you in top shape and hone your cardio and fighting skills simultaneously. Trainer John Hackleman, aka The Pit Master, even guarantees at the beginning of the Skills and Drills DVD that this workout will improve your skills as a fighter. Hackleman encourages anyone that questions, disagrees with his methods, or if you have a problem with the way his students perform the skills and drills, send him an email at

While a list of recommended gear is listed during the opening messages and on the back of the DVD case, Hackleman does show you ways that you can work around that in your own home. No replacement for Davis is given, but his idea of filling sand in a bag instead of having a real punching bag, is just one of many neat innovations he suggests.

One of the greatest exercises in the DVD is ‘The Luke’. It completely works out ever part of the body by doing a set of techniques intensely for only a minute and 20 seconds for three sets. For those looking to be burning all over once their workouts are done this will give you that sore sensation. I found adding this to my core routine really adds to the toning of my body. It will be quite a shock for your body if you’re doing bodybuilding training. This workout is highly recommended for those looking to improve their strength conditioning and lose a bit of weight.

Hackleman not only offers advice to those in an MMA environment, but also to those that street fight as well. The banter he gives to his students adds a sense of realism to the production, and more often than not is timely when it looks like they are slowing down.

This DVD is meant for those that already have at least a basic skill set when it comes to fighting. The DVD extras contain different striking combos with slow instant replays, but does not go over the many different types of punches and kicks. That will be looked at in another DVD review in this boxset, entitled The Pit Instructional Vol.1.


The Pit Workout- Skills and Drills

By John Hackleman

MMA Roots

45 Minutes

$19.95 separate

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